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How Do Celebrities In Hollywood Stay Healthy?


How celebrities in Hollywood stay healthy? They use alternative methods and practices to recover, to keep their good shape and to heal. One of these methods is low level laser therapy called coMra. Moreover, it combines the power of a cold laser with magnets and light diodes. All of these components are specifically modulated to induce the healing abilities of the body. A small device was designed to be used at home, an easy and effective way to heal and to prevent. The treatment is simple and pleasant as all the details are to be found in the coMra User Guide.

In February this year, we received an invitation to attend a glamorous event in the heart of L.A. where we would have the chance to meet and talk with actors, composers, sportspeople and other celebrities. The team organizing the 2018 GBK Annual Pre-Oscar Celebrity Lounge kindly asked us if it would be possible for us to take part, so that some of the stars could get familiar with the coMra Palm and be able to try it and also own one. The event was planned for March 2-3 in Beverly Hills, on Rodeo Drive at the elegant, three-story St. Supery Winery Tasting Room.

So, Radiant Life Technologies decided to be part of this event. We were very excited about it and got busy with the organization – our representative needed to have the flight ticket and hotel booked and the coMra Palms had to be delivered to the USA on time. All went well and the day came.

The coMra Palm corner was the place where conversations were honest and joyful. The celebrities, like everyone, had their own stories of pain and disease, their questions about how to heal themselves and loved ones, their hopes and interest in a product that could really work. Some of the stars were deeply impressed with the possibilities that the coMra Palm created for people to support their bodies in a gentle and effective way.

The Oscar winner Viola Davis, who was about to present at the 90th Academy Awards on the next day, was there with her daughter. She was really happy to have a coMra Palm to take home. Viola Davis is an acclaimed actress of stage, TV and film, who was nominated several times for Academy Awards, winning one in 2016, and also for Golden Globe awards. She has won many other awards during her outstanding career. We were extremely impressed by her and very glad that now one of our coMra Palms is with her family.

Among the stars who had the opportunity to take a coMra Palm, to use it for healing their pain and other conditions, or just to support their bodies in good health, was the French film composer Alesandre Desplat, who also won an Academy Award for his soundtracks to the films The Grand Budapest Hotel and the Shape of Water. He stopped by our corner, shared a friendly word with our representative and, together with all his awards, he is now the owner of an amazing laser device.

Among the celebrities who now can apply coMra at home are :

At the event, we also had the chance to meet and speak with Brandy Ledford, Carissa Rosario, Anthony Anderson, Doc Rivers, Chad L. Coleman, Red Gerrard, Ruth Connell and many many others you can see in the gallery below. They were able to become familiar with our ideas of how the future of healing looks and now each of them has a coMra Palm to be able to have their own experience of it.

More than 60 coMra Palms found their way to new celebrity owners during this magnificent and very uplifting event, while new friendships were started, healing information was exchanged, and impressions made, which will be kept for a long time. So, this is the story of how coMra Palm went to Hollywood to meet the stars and to become part of their family as they too become part of the global coMra family.


But all of that would not be possible without our great friend and supporter Lloyd Moore. Great many thanks for that!