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Pains We Just Put Up With – Or Used To

This article is written for men… sorry ladies… though the P.S. at the end  may be helpful to you. 🙂

In our day to day lives there are so many seemingly insignificant little things that end up being pains in one way or another. Pains we simply have no easy, practical solutions for. So what do we do?

As men, we just put up with them and keep moving as best we can. However, a mentor once said to me, Garrett, it is not the big things in life you have to worry about because you will always find the resources to tackle those, looking after yourself and your family. Instead, it is all the seemingly small and insignificant things, like pebbles in your shoe, that end up causing so much grief, which inevitably impacts everyone around you too.

I asked myself, could I corroborate this with my own life experience? If yes, then why is this so? I found my own life experience proves this out, but before I go further please allow me to clarify my focus with respect to the seemingly insignificant little things I am referring to in this article.


I am referring specifically to everyday pains such as:

Pretty much universal experiences for us all in our day to day lives.

So what impact do these pains have?

No doubt we could all make a long list of impacts , which could include things such as;

  • pain,
  • frustration,
  • anger,
  • worry,
  • irritability,
  • distraction,
  • malaise,
  • exhaustion,
  • insomnia,
  • nagging,
  • arguments,
  • cancelled appointments,
  • lost time
  • financial expenses,
  • and the list goes on.


The overarching theme that emerges from all of these things

that I want to focus on, at least respecting my experience, is wishing I had a simple solution because all the conventional so called “solutions” just did not work for me. For instance, there would be no way I would go to the doctor for anything, and I did not want the hassle of any of, what I perceived as elaborate self care that my wife suggested.

Perhaps it is different for a woman than a man, I do not know, but as a man, I would just keep moving when these pains came up. Compensating for them and trying to manage everything going on in my life as best I could. I did this until they passed or for as long as I could until there was absolutely no choice but to deal with them. Like getting pain killers, or getting a prescription for some codeine cough syrup. I mean seriously what man wants the hassle or expense of looking after these little pains? So I just carried on.

Then in 2009 I started using coMra-Therapy.

It took a while to sink in, but the more of the above kind of day to day pains I successfully treated, the more a light bulb was slowly starting to turn on. Then one day it dawned on me! I am looking after my own health and the health of my family simply and practically without all the hassle, bother and expense of having to depend on some system, which is something I resist anyway. All at my own convenience.

So how does all of this relate to my experiential corroboration of my mentors words? Well, it was not until after some of time using coMra-Therapy and the experience I gained through that that I could compare to my life before it. That’s when I realised I took a huge step forward in my life in terms of feeling self sufficient knowing, through first had experience, that I can and I am  looking after my health and that of my family’s. This is of course a very uplifting feeling compared to the frustration of having to put up with “one damn thing after another”.

So no more just putting up with such pains for my family and I

My before and after life experience has made all the difference.

P.S. Ladies, if you have a man who fits the above profile then you may just surreptitiously get him to give himself the care you want to see him give himself, simply and easily.