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My Personal Story With Low Progesterone And Thyroid Issues


It all started with feeling tired all the time, irregular periods and weight gain. I didn’t know what was going on with me as I had moments of feeling anxious or depressed without any obvious reason. Something was not right with my body and being tired is not really a condition but a symptom that needed my attention. However, I was wondering what might be the reason for this.

My feeling and my own research

After reading some articles, I decided to do some blood tests to see how my thyroid was working. This decision came after following my feeling that maybe it was my thyroid making problems. It was no surprise for me to see that I actually had a subclinical hypothyroidism as it was confirmed by a doctor. Then I started my own research by reading several books on the subject and numerous articles. It turned out that the low functioning of the thyroid can cause hormonal imbalance in the reproductive hormones. My period was almost absent and without ovulation, progesterone levels were dropping very fast. 

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Low progesterone and estrogen dominance

When there is not enough progesterone in the body, the levels of estrogen go very high and this leads to weight gain, mood swings and even infertility. The estrogen dominance is linked to several diseases in women like PSOS, insulin resistance, acne and hypothyroidism. So, it turns out that it is hard to tell which causes what as it all becomes a vicious circle. Once the normal hormone production is disturbed, one thing leads to the other and you cannot really say which was first.

Most women do not know that their estrogen is too high, not until they find out that some kind of a  health condition is already present in their body. I remember that I became sensitive to sugar and gluten, I could feel inflammation in my body all the time. The question that I had in my head was what actually causes hormonal imbalance. The more I was reading, the more I was realizing that the roots are to be found in stress and liver malfunction. 

Was my liver working properly?

I was noticing that I could not tolerate alcohol anymore, even after one glass of white wine, I happened to experience severe headache and hot flashes. Slowly, it was coming to my mind that maybe my liver was not working properly. Because of the hot flashes, I was thinking that maybe I was going through premature menopause although I am in my forties.  But then I found out that hypothyroidism often causes an absent monthly cycle in women. 

Was I in distress without noticing it?

And what about the main cause of hormonal imbalances, namely stress. I was not able to sleep well and for several months I was constantly tired and nervous. Weight gain, anxiety and hair loss made me feel even more in distress. I was confused, had mood swings that made me burst into tears and emotional drama on a regular basis and didn’t know what to do. What I knew for sure is that I do not want hormonal replacement therapy or synthetic thyroid hormones which would just cover up the symptoms and will worsen the cause underneath. 

There is so much information on the internet about low progesterone, estrogen dominance and thyroid issues which causes even more confusion. The organ which eliminates the excessive amounts from the body is the liver. So, this was such a big insight for me as now I knew wny I could not drink even a glass of wine anymore. 

What did I do to feel better? 

Well, what I had in mind by that time is that I need to relax more and to manage the stress reaction in my body. In addition, I understood that I had to completely cut off sugar and gluten from my diet as they both made me feel bloated and caused me increased heart rate in the evenings. But most of all, I had to heal my liver. Herbs and supplements could be effective but it takes time to see the results. However, I had a tool by my side that I knew could help me and I started treatments immediately. 

Embracing low level laser therapy

The tool I am talking about is coMra therapy. I started the Thyroid treatment course from the User Guide but I was adding ten or twenty minutes on my liver on 5Hz. Needless to say that I was very consistent with my treatment and every day I was doing coMra for an hour or more. Applying coMra I combined with lifestyle changes as I was doing yoga on a regular basis, some meditation, I was eating lots of fruits and vegetables and was avoiding sugar, gluten, alcohol (even vinegar) and caffeine. 

What was the message?

The message for me was to take care of myself and my body as obviously the balance was destroyed. I was taking slow walks in nature, going to massage therapy, spending time in a swimming pool or the sea but most of all I was searching for all the patterns in my mind which made me feel distressed all the time. I remember how tense I was feeling emotionally but also in my body, like all my muscles were tight all the time. I was taking some supplements like selenium, magnesium and vitamin C to help my body recover. However, my main tool was coMra and I was relying on my knowledge that when I support my body, it will find a way to recover. 

My recovery and feeling well again

After a month and a half I started to feel better. I was not tired all the time, I lost some weight, I had no increased heart rate in the evening and the anxiety was gone. I was feeling emotionally well and my body was showing me that balance had returned there too. I know that we are a whole being and everything is part of us – our mind, soul, body and emotions. If there is an imbalance in one of them, the others will feel it too. 

I remember I was surprised to notice that I was feeling joy and happiness again, I was feeling healthy and strong. In my yoga class, I could sense that I really had power in my body and I even felt better than ten years ago. It was amazing to realise that even after this condition I was feeling stronger than my younger self. I do not know for how many years I have been living with my hormonal imbalance and what really caused it as it is more important  that now I feel healthy and young from the inside. What I found out in my research is that every fifth woman nowadays has hypofunction of the thyroid but some women live with this condition all their lives without even knowing it. I am now grateful for all the knowledge and clarity I gained from my experience and that my body now is healthy, strong and relaxed.

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Meret has been using coMra therapy for many years. As many other coMra users, she found that coMra therapy is not only very safe but also that coMra is effective for various cases and conditions. She used it for her daughter’s herpes, her own thyroid issues and migraines with great results.

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