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Strengthen Your Heart to Prevent or Reverse Heart Disease


Your heart needs your attention, it is working restlessly each and every day, pumping an enormous quantity of blood. It is very easily influenced by the emotions and everything else that is going on with the organism. How to strengthen this most important organ or to reverse and heal if the heart disease is already there? What are the ways to naturally support the heart without chemical medication or surgery? How to change your lifestyle in order to have a strong and healthy heart?

The causes of the heart disease are complex and because everything in the body is connected, the heart starts to suffer if the overall health of the organism is out of balance. Several conditions are related to the weak heart such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, eating disorders, obesity, too much free radicals and fats in the blood, smoking, alcohol addiction and many others. The inflammation processes wherever in the body are weakening the heart too, so let us go through the ways you can support your heart and prevent or reverse the heart disease.

Activity is vital

The blood needs to move around the body all the time and if you don’t have enough activity all the responsibility for the circulation will fall on your heart. Too much sitting or staying at one place without enough physical activity would cause many problems to your body and your heart. You need to exercise, walk or workout regularly if you want to improve the blood circulation, to increase your endurance and energy levels, to have stronger bones, to reduce stress and to maintain healthy body weight. Your heart will thank you for that and you will feel toned and energized.

Healthy heart diet

The most important thing in your diet that will affect your heart directly is the difference between good and bad fats. The body needs the omega-3 acids that could be found in fatty fishes, walnuts, flax seeds and finds great difficulties to cope with very thick animal fats or artificial trans-fats. Some minerals as magnesium – from the dark chocolate and almonds, potassium – from broccoli, cauliflower, spinach etc., are necessary for the proper function of the heart and have to be included in your diet. You will need also good amounts of foods that are generally rich in antioxidants like fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Laser Treatment at Home

The coMra therapy could be highly effective for healing the heart and as prevention. Always use the 5Hz option when you are treating the heart with your coMra Palm at home. This laser therapy is very gentle, totally non-invasive and have no side effects as your heart will be supported to go back into its normal functions and condition. All the details about the treatment are in the user guide however to keep your heart healthy, you can do several minutes for a couple of times per week on the heart with 5Hz just to make sure that it receives some extra energy to do its work better. The immune system also will be improved under the influence of the laser and the inflammatory processes will be reduced and healed.

Keep it hydrated

Make sure your body is well hydrated as the dehydration could cause difficulties to the heart to pump the blood which would become thicker if there is not enough water in the organism. The water is part of many internal processes and is needed by the lymphatic system too, so the toxins and waste materials to be taken away.

Reduce the stress

The stress and extreme emotions are very harmful for the heart, they change the hormonal and chemical balance in the body, so all the organs should work on the maintaining it back starting with the heart. Breathing techniques are very effective to calm down the heart rate and to supply the blood with enough oxygen, enough sleep will also be greatly beneficial in lowering the stress responses. Everything that makes you feel better will work if it is in harmony with your health like walks in the nature, sport, laughter, music, art etc.

It is not hard to take care of your heart especially if you approach this subject with love as the heart is also the center of love. When you appreciate the body that you have and that serves you for many years, when you look after the internal organs and especially the heart, there will be harmony and health, you will have the energy to do whatever you like.


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