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Why treat? What can you treat? How to treat.
How to make your own treatments? And more…

Garrett Murrin: Welcome to this, another coMra webinar!
So today the topic is going to be Questions and Answers. We get a lot of different questions about coMra therapy. And we had some we didn’t get to the last time, so we thought we’d open it up this time.

So everybody would have an opportunity to ask questions. What we’d like to do is, ask the question if you want to put it in the chat, go ahead. But we gonna ask you to come on with your microphone. Because it’d be nice to chat things through. And also in the spirit of self-sufficiency. We gonna help guide you to somehow answer, if possible, your own question cause a lot of us… well, we all have, a lot more knowledge than we know we have.

And this is a process of more or less claiming, stepping into that knowledge. Really learning to trust our selves, our intuition, and all, let’s say, take on things. And we can help corroborate that for you. If there is something that we see: “Well, how about…”, – did you think it is or try that.

And we can make some adjustments to that. And also, just to note… Cause it is all in the spirit of helping us all be self-sufficient. And self-sufficiency, remember, this is synonymous with holism. And holism means, you know, we have a bigger picture. More whole … and this is all we really striving to do at the end of the day in one way or another in our lives.

So what we gonna today start Arzhan. Arzhan Surazakov for those of you who don’t know. Arzhan is our Director of Research and Development at Radiant Life Technologies. He’s our scientist, head scientist. So he’s gonna go through a presentation, just to set a framework for today, and that’s gonna be to touch on some things about treatment and How-Tos and this sort of thing.

And then after that we gonna get into Q&A. And with that, I would like to ask you to put your comments in the chat, I am going to be paying attention to them. As best as I can. It would be nice if you wrote them all to everyone unless it is something really pressing. You can then just write to me, but I’d prefer it would go to everyone. And then we gonna get to the questions at the end.

Now you don’t have to write into chat if you’d like to talk about it. We definitely welcome that. Cause even those of you who put them in the chat. I am gonna ask you — can you elaborate a little further. Or whatever and we get to the questions that way. So I think that is about cover it all. So without further ado, Arzhan?

If you would please, and if I didn’t touch on anything else you would like to present, please include that.

Treatment Protocols with coMra - Why, What and How to Treat? How to Make Your Own Treatment?

Arzhan Surazakov: Thank you Garrett!
Good evening everyone! It’s 7 pm here, where I am in Russia. Good morning and good day! Yes, we decided today to take a simple approach. Light approach, not simplistic, but light. And this is so because actually, coMra therapy is all about getting to know yourself, getting to know your own body, learn how to work with it. And Delta, Palm device, coMra therapy, is actually a tool to help you in that process.

In essence when we study how to treat, what to treat. How to use coMra devices, and then we train other people. How to use it for themselves. Yes, this is a process of getting
to know your own body. And this process is actually very simple. We try something new, I am talking about coMra treatment. We see how it works, and then we change and repeat. So it’s really a process of discovery, it’s really a gradual process. And there is really not many mistakes. Not much mistakes you can do actually in this process. So it is very simple, very self-sufficient process actually.

In the next 20-30 minutes, I will cover the basics. So that we are sort of starting from the same page. And then, when questions will arise, we can come back to some of the slides. To answer more in detail, if you have specific questions about the slides. In your specific case for example and so on. Okay, so let’s start in the beginning.