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How to Reduce Inflammation Quickly and Effectively


The main cause for most of the modern diseases is the inflammatory processes that occur in the body and sometimes they could even become chronic. When the body is constantly in inflammatory mode, it is weak and the immune system is no longer able to provide the protection needed. What can you do to stop the inflammation quickly and how to avoid it by including some daily habits that will support your natural protection abilities?


In its core, the inflammation is the natural response of the body when an injury occurs. The immune system reacts and sends white blood cells at the place of the wound to aid the healing process. But when this response is triggered very often, the body would be in a long-term inflammation which is highly dangerous and is connected with heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, asthma, colitis ect. In order to support your overall health and the regeneration abilities of your body, you need to reduce the inflammation before it leads to any severe or serious medical condition.

Less alcohol, less cigarettes

Both smoking and drinking would decrease the inner natural strength of the body against the bacteria and toxins coming from the outside world. Smoking is bad for your brain functioning, it is  related to the plaque deposits built in the arteries, less oxygen entering the cells, less energy and aging. Alcohol is also a substance that is affecting the brain causing severe dehydration, together with bad consequences for the liver, the stomach and the nervous system. If you feel that you don’t feel well and some kind of inflammatory process is taking place, it is highly recommended to cut these two habits immediately until you get back well or never return to them at all, if you want to be healthy and energetic.

Moderate exercise

It is not about highly intensive workouts which are not for everyone however at least thirty minutes per day like walking, exercising, stretching, dancing, bicycling or any other activity that you like, will reduce the inflammation and will act as prevention too. The modern lifestyle is connected with too much sitting at one place, so five minutes of each hours to stand up and walk around the room is the minimum to help the heart, the blood vessels and the lymphatic system work better.

Home laser therapy

With the coMra Palm, now the home laser therapy is possible and it is very easy to use and apply it every day. The device is small and portable, so you can have it with you also at the office, the gym etc. The universal treatments which are described in details in the user guide are perfect for affecting the inflammatory process directly and reverse it in a very gentle and non-invasive way. The regular use of the coMra Palm will help your body to rebuild its immune system by reducing the inflammation and supporting your own healing abilities. The laser coMra therapy has given great results with a wide range of conditions connected to inflammation, it could be used as prevention, to aid the tissue regeneration and for a whole body conditioning.

Anti-inflammatory foods

The refined sugars and the processed fats in the packed foods might lead to constant inflammation so if you want to change your diet in order to support the healing process, you need to avoid them. The diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables will aid your body and increase its energy and health. In order to reduce the inflammation, you need to add more broccoli, pineapples, blueberries, walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, wild-caught salmon, beets, celery etc. to your diet. Basically, the raw whole foods would cause less inflammation in the body, so the fresh salads prior to each meal is a great prevention too.

Reduce stress, have fun

Stress could cause inflammation in an indirect way, so you need to take some time for yourself and have fun. It doesn’t  matter if you choose music, books, nature, yoga, art or anything else as far as it helps you relax and enjoy life again away from the pile of tasks waiting for you.

The body is a perfectly working system which when is in balance, could overcome most of the pollution and stress factors coming from the outside world. If you want to support your body, just turn to its natural abilities to heal and be very careful when you intake medication as it is not familiar to your cells. Prevention is the best medicine, so the natural way would always be the good way to go. The laser coMra therapy was invented to be in harmony with the nature, to give a very gentle push to the cells and help them to return to their inner sources of energy and health.

Have joyful moments and stay healthy!

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