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Which Are the Roots of The Emotional Stress? (Part 2 of 2)


Do you feel tired all the time, stressed and anxious? Have you ever wondered why some people find stressful and intense situations stimulating rather than frightening? Something in your reaction towards what happens is the root of the emotional stress in your life? There are some patterns in the way you think about problems which makes your body suffer and produce stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.

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Control vs. Letting Go

The desire to control everything in your life is a big one and it comes right after the expectations. If the things are not going the way you want them to go, maybe you will try to control and fix them. At some point you would not be able to do it and the emotional stress is the result. Nothing is under your control except for your reaction and perception of each situation. If you want to decrease the levels of stress in your life, start practicing the art of letting go. You stopped the overthinking, you looked at everything as it is without expecting it to be something else, now let it go. And go with what you have, go with ease and flow with life, what have to happen will happen, you cannot control life itself or the behaviour and thoughts of other people.

Resistance vs. Acceptance

This is almost the same as the desire to control the situations and people around us, but it happens more on the inside. Maybe you are not even aware of it or speak about it, but if there are things in your life that are not the way you want them to be and this upsets you, when you are not happy even with the weather which is too hot or too cold, when you judge and put labels on everything because nothing is ever perfect enough for you, then you resist life as it flows. This daily resistance in your mind is one of the main reasons for emotional stress. Your body is producing cortisol all the time because of it, you feel overwhelmed, stressed and unhappy. Why don’t you try acceptance – to embrace life as it comes with all the imperfect features included.

Feeling Stuck vs. Change

Once you accept life as it is, without expectations, without trying to change it, to fix everything, to control each and everyone, then you can shift your focus and see where change is. The feeling of being stuck, like nothing is happening, is an illusion. In nature, everything is changing all the time, in your body hundreds of processes are happening every day, change is everywhere. The main cause for emotional stress is the fear of change and the responsibility coming with the new. Challenges are something natural, they are part of life but when we fear them and try to avoid them, when we keep on thinking so much and try to fix life itself or hide from it, then we create the emotional response that we call stress. The situation is as it is, you decide if you call it stimulating or frightening.

The coMra therapy is based on the responsibility of every person for their own health. If you are sick and you want to get healthy again, you have to embrace change. We have invented a small device called coMra Palm which would give you the power to heal yourself. Almost all results of the emotional stress on your body could be healed with coMra therapy, but you need to work on the causes, you have to search for the roots in your mind and start the healing process there too.

Have joyful moments and stay healthy!

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