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Which Are the Roots of The Emotional Stress? (Part 1 of 2)


Why do you feel emotional stress? Are the roots of stress in the outer world and situations with all the challenges and lessons or is it more about how do you perceive them? Why some people find the extreme and intense conditions motivational and exciting while others are struggling with fear, stress and anxiety?

Stress is the reaction of the body to the emotional state of a person during the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline are produced. In that state the body is trying to gather all its energy preparing to deal with the situation which would require either fighting or running away. For example, if you meet a bear in the forest, your body will produce a great amount of stress hormones which will make you energetic and fully awake in order to be able to run away and save your life. All your muscles, your brain, your heart, even your blood vessels will be alarmed to wake up and get you out of there as soon as possible.

Although there is no physical danger like a bear, in our modern society so many people are experiencing a constant feeling of stress all the time. There are patterns in the way of thinking that are reflecting on the body as if you are in dangerous situations all the time. There are no bears in the city but the hormonal system in the body is acting as if each minute you are meeting one and on the top of that, as if you are not able neither to fight or flight. Why so many people live with the feeling of being stuck, being attacked, being powerless, depressed, neglected, overwhelmed, exhausted etc.? Is the stress as we know it a natural thing or is it more man-made, something artificial that is poisoning your life instead of supporting it?

Overthinking vs. Being

The overthinking is a very powerful thing which could create problems out of situations that were not problematic in the first place. The overthinking is a process of repeating one and the same belief and with each circle, you embrace this belief even more. For example, you feel like you are being attacked at work by your manager and you think that it is quite unfair. You go home and you start searching in your memory for more proofs that your manager attacks you on daily basis. You tell yourself more and more convinced the same story which is creating even more of the same feeling of being attacked. Maybe you can look at the situation from at least three different angles and you will see it differently, but first you have to pause. The opposite of overthinking is just being in the moment. Could you sit and just be there without thinking at all? It is called meditation, you stop thinking and start being.

Expectations vs. Objectivity

People who tend to feel emotionally stressed very often, usually have a lot of expectations about themselves and the other people. For example, you don’t want to get angry or to feel sad, you expect that it will be easy for you to deal with everything at work, but all of a sudden a problem comes up. When you get upset about it, you try to hide it but it gets worse…You maybe start thinking that you were not supposed to get upset, it was not professional, that someone should have helped you etc. …Sounds familiar? Objectivity is to see things as they are and to use them. You get upset easily, it is fine, you get angry, fine, you are confident, fine, you are insecure, fine… People treat you the way they do – fine again. It is what it is, just observe it and try not to fill up all the gaps with your expectations.

These are the first steps to decrease the stress levels in your life. With coMra therapy you can heal your body and your organs as it helps you to awaken your inner healing abilities and to take back the responsibility for your health. However, we will continue with the searching the roots of the emotional stress in your mind which are the cause for the symptoms but also hide the keys to deal with it.

You will find more information on it in Part 2 of this article…

Have joyful moments and stay healthy!

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