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Slow Metabolism Part 1 – Why You Can’t Lose Weight


Every time you eat something, the pancreas produces insulin in order to regulate your blood sugar levels. When there is too much sugar in your meal, insulin spikes occur. Your cells are trying to use the insulin but then your eat again and it goes up again and again. Too much insulin in the blood over a long period of time combined with stress will cause insulin resistance. The insulin is there, but the cells cannot use it and it causes the formation of even more fat in the body. All the carbohydrates are turned into fat and even the proteins from the food could be turned into fat. The body loses even the proteins from its own muscles. The insulin spikes are harmful and they prevent the usage of the stored fat as a fuel.

Use coMra therapy

Before we go into what causes slow metabolism and insulin resistance, let us talk about the solution or how to heal the consequences. If the condition is there, the organs are suffering and they need support and healing. It is great to change your nutrition plan and your habits in order to speed up the metabolic rate. However, the organs like your liver, pancreas and endocrine glands have been severely affected by the condition. You can start applying coMra therapy as a healing method and as a prevention. In a very gentle but highly effective method and it will support the normal functioning of your organs. The treatments in the coMra user guide can result in many positive effects on your systems and organs. Could be complemented with some diet and lifestyle changes that also support your health. With time, coMra therapy will help you restore your overall health and then maintain it.

Too much sugar

Eating too much sugar and simple carbohydrates will cause regular insulin spikes and hypoglycemia in two or three hours after the meal. You blood sugar levels will go up and down all day and your body will try to fix that. All the unneeded energy from the sugar will be turned into fat as quickly as possible as it is too dangerous for the body to have high levels of glucose in the blood. This will lead to a fatty liver as this is the organ which compensates for the high insulin with glutathione. So, the first step is to cut the white, brown and all the refined sugar from your diet, followed by dry fruits, bread, pasta and white rice. All of these foods will cause insulin spikes.

Eating low fat, snacking or dieting

If you are on a diet all the time and do not eat enough food, your body goes into a survival mode and will turn everything into fat in order to use it later on as a fuel. For that reason, the traditional dieting plans are not sustainable in time. You need to change your diet and your eating habits in general if you want to see the good results. Snacking between meals will also keep your insulin levels high all the time, so it is better to eat two or three times per day. Eating not enough fats with the fear of the calories and that you will gain weight is the other reason for the slow metabolism and insulin resistance. The fats that you consume will actually help your body to keep the levels of the blood sugar stable. But you need to avoid the unhealthy fats like fried oils, trans fats, hydrogenated fats and to eat more of the healthy fats like avocados, olive oils, grass-fed butter and nuts.


The dominance of estrogen is a huge problem for the women as when the levels of this hormone are high, the body does not burn the fat. Fertility issues, mood swings, thyroid malfunction, weight gain, dull skin and even depression could occur as a result of too much estrogen in the body. You can apply the Universal Treatments 4 and 5 from the coMra user guide in order to regulate the hormones and the stress levels in the body. As all the hormones are interconnected, if you manage to regulate your insulin and your cortisol, the others will slowly go back to balance too.