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The Key Factor In Slowing Down the Aging Process


Why people at a certain age sometimes look younger and others look older? Which is the key factor in slowing down the aging process and how can we affect it positively? Are the lifestyle and the mindset that we have, able to slow down the aging? What we can do in order to look and feel younger and energetic for many years?

There are a specific DNA protein structures at the both ends of each chromosome, called telomeres. With each cell division, a part of this DNA is lost. Once the telomere becomes too short, the cell is not able to divide any more and it dies. The length of the telomere can show the lifespan of a cell and respectively the whole organism. The question is, why the telomeres are getting shorter and is there a way to influence the speed of this process? Recent researches found that the lifestyle of a person is affecting the DNA indirectly and certain habits can either shorten or preserve the length of the telomeres. If the shortening of the telomere is slowed down, the aging process will be slower too.

Stressful thoughts

It is a very subjective thing if a situation will be perceived as stressful or not. Another person in the same situation may find it motivating or inspiring. It is the negative self-talk that leads to the experience of stress. And stress is accelerating the shortening of the telomeres therefore speeding up the aging process. You can heal the effects of stress on your body with the coMra therapy, however the roots of the problem is what you have to face. The coMra therapy can help you regenerate and rejuvenate your organs, but the mindset is something that you have to change in order to not create the same condition again.

Diet and weight gain

Unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and overweight may lead to many health problems and will increase the pace of aging. A diet rich in antioxidants will slow down the shortening of the telomeres, together with a healthy lifestyle, a lot of fresh air, movement and a positive attitude towards the challenges in life. The coMra therapy can help you address the effects from an unhealthy habits on your body, but again it is up to you to change your daily routine and to incorporate more exercise and a lot of fruits and vegetables to your diet.


Another factor that is related to the shortening of the telomeres, is smoking. The number of the smoked cigarettes per day is important too, more they are, more accelerated the aging process is. The oxidative stress of the cells is increased and they get old quicker. Smoking could also lead to respiratory and heart problems. The coMra therapy has shown very good results with such medical conditions like asthma or heart disease, however the cause of the issues is what you want to eliminate.


Telomeres at the end of each chromosome could not be increased, you can only try to slow down the rate with which they get shorter. You can heal yourself and prevent from diseases with a certain lifestyle changes, however the mindset and your thoughts are very important too. Because your thoughts will lead to emotions and the negative emotions are destroying the sensitive balance in your body, that you call health. This a part of the holistic approach that we have embraced, when the coMra therapy was created, we wanted to help people to be more responsible about their health and try to awaken their hidden, natural abilities to heal and to be full of energy.

Have joyful moments and stay healthy!

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