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Get Sore Throat Relief Naturally


How to treat the unpleasant pain in your throat naturally? Are there ways to get a sore throat relief and prevent from unfolding more serious conditions? What is the emotional pattern behind it? How to stop the inflammation in your throat and not letting it go down to your lungs, to boost your immune system and to get well soon?

If the swallowing is painful or you feel some irritation in your throat, this is a sign that some inflammatory process has started and you need to take care of it before it becomes more serious. The causes are usually cold weather, cold drinks, viruses and low immune system. So, you need to support your immune system in order for it to fight back the infection and prevent from spreading it to other organs.

The emotional pattern behind it is the feeling that you are unable to speak or has no right to express your emotions. So, while you are applying the following ways in order to get better, you can search and observe the situations around you to see when and why, you hold your words to yourself and to find a way to speak them up.


The herbal teas are a good way to start as they will clear your throat, will keep you warm and will give some support to your whole body to deal with the condition. Echinacea and sage are two very powerful herbs  you can make infusions from or use them in a spray to treat the sore throat. They are easy to find, have a very pleasant taste and could help you dealing with the inflammatory process in the body. They both are known to boost the immune system too and to supply some vitamins and minerals you will need. Peppermint, chamomile, oregano are also very beneficial for sore throat and you can mix all of them in your infusion tea.


Using salt water or apple cider vinegar to gargle your throat will eliminate the viruses, the bacteria and any other pollutants in your throat that might cause the irritation. They work better that the solutions in the drug stores and have no side effects. You can do these types of gargling as much as you feel the need for and until you see some improvement.


You may try honey, ginger root and cinnamon to add to your herb tea in order to help your body to heal the inflammatory process. Another way that is very easy to apply and is very effective, is the coMra therapy. The combined power of a gentle laser, magnet field and lights called coMra therapy has shown very good results with various kinds of inflammatory processes in the body. It has no side effects and is totally non-invasive. You can find all the conditions the coMra therapy could help you with, in the user guide  which you can download directly to your mobile phone. The treatment that you need for the sore throat condition, could be found in the Otorhinolaryngology 2 section where all the details about the healing sequence are explained. You can apply the coMra treatment one or two times per day until you see an improvement and for better results it could be combined with other treatments like the Universal ones which will support the whole body in the healing process.

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Vitamin C

Most of the fruits are rich in vitamin C and you need to eat a lot of them in order to supply your body with enough amount of it, as during the infection it will use more of it. The citruses are a good source of vitamin C and you can drink lemon or grapefruit water in order to soothe your throat and provide your body with more antioxidants. Generally, you have to drink a good amount of fluids as your throat may get dry easily during this period. Even if you don’t feel pain while swallowing in a day or two, it is better to keep with all of the above for several days more in order to prevent the infection from recurring.

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