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Get Prepared For Your Summer Detox with coMra Therapy


Summer is a wonderful season to do a detox. Warm weather, long days, vacation, plenty of fruits and vegetables. All of these will help you to prepare your detox course. Why do you need to detox your body? Due to poor diet plans, stress, fatigue and dehydration, a lot of waste material stays in various tissues in the body. With time, these toxins can cause diseases and permanent damage to the organs. That is the reason why you need to give your body some rest from the heavy meals, lack of activity and stress. When you eat smaller amounts of food or even no food, your body will have the energy to cleanse from toxins, dead cells and other waste material. However, if you decide to do a fruit fast starting tomorrow, you may experience headache, stomach pain, increased heart rate and even nausea. These are the signs that there are too many toxins released in your bloodstream and your organs have difficulties dealing with them.

Types of detoxification

There are many ways to detox your body from the toxins and the excessive fat. You can decide to eat only fruits for one week or to do a water fast for a couple of days, intermittent fasting for 16 hours per day is also an option, raw food diet for several days or more, sugar detox, alcohol detox etc. The focus is on giving your body a little break from your regular diet. For example, if you eat too many sweets, then you need to start with a sugar detox and then move on to even lighter food plan without bread, potatoes. After that you can move on and try raw food diet for several days. You have to follow your own pace and observe how your body reacts to the detox. If you want to do a fruit juice or water fast, then you need to prepare yourself with some raw food days, then try one day fasting, then eat raw food for a day before going back to your regular diet. Next time you can extend the fast to two or three days. Give your body some time to adapt.

Which coMra treatment to use during the detox?

When you are doing a detox program, some of your organs will need to catch up and to deal with all the toxins that should be taken out of the system. The liver, spleen and kidneys will experience some extra pressure while the cells and the organs are releasing all these waste particles in the bloodstream. All the toxins have to be neutralized and eliminated from the body as soon as possible. In other words, some of your organs will need support during the detox process. The coMra Universal Treatment 8 – Complete Organ Treatment addresses the organs of elimination providing the additional energy they need. You can apply this treatment a week before the detox start date and continue during the detox itself. The low frequency laser of the coMra Palm or Delta will gently support your organs helping them with the maintenance of the balance in the body. You can combine this treatment with other treatments from the coMra user guide if you need to in order to heal a particular condition. When you finish your detox, try to come with a plan to change your diet in a way that it will support your health and well-being.