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Supplements for Fibromyalgia As Part of Your Treatment


Are alternative therapies effective and which are the best supplements for fibromyalgia you need to make a part of your treatment course? How to deal with the pain and how to alleviate the pain and the other symptoms in a natural and non-invasive way?

This chronic condition is very common for women and could start after a period of overwhelming stress, illness, injury or as a result of a trauma. The symptoms may vary from extreme fatigue, sleeping disorders, lower abdominal cramps and severe pain all over the body. Natural treatments like massages, essential oils, changes in nutrition and meditation could alleviate the symptoms but how can you actually start a healing process in your body?

coMra Therapy

This is a method that has shown very good results when is done together with the proper supplements for fibromyalgia. It uses the power of a gentle laser, magnets and lights to heal each and every organ in your body in a very effective but non-invasive way. The coMra Palm is one of the devices that you can bring everywhere with you and apply your coMra treatment with. This therapy is very effective with all kinds of pain and is a very pleasant procedure without any negative side effects. It will awaken the hidden healing abilities of your body helping it to restore the balance and its natural healthy condition. All the treatments could be found in the coMra user guide as the one for fibromyalgia is in Neurology 9 section with all the details about the course.

It is recommended together with the coMra therapy course to change to a healthy diet, to include a regular moderate activity in your daily routine, to spend enough time in the sun and if you want to take some supplements for fibromyalgia in order to receive the best results.


One of the most important minerals that your body will use in cases of a great stress or constant pain, is the magnesium. Fibromyalgia is often linked to magnesium deficiency and the supplementation with it will help you reduce the symptoms and support your nervous system and some cells functions. Magnesium will improve your sleep, will alleviate depression, anxiety and the muscles cramps. You need to limit your sugar intake as your body uses magnesium in order to digest and protect itself from the high blood sugar levels. You can add raw nuts to your diet too.

Omega 3

You can either take fish oil as one of your supplements for fibromyalgia or eat a lot of wild-caught fish like salmon, mackerel, tuna and herring. There are other foods rich in omega 3 acids like chia seed, flax seeds, nuts and eggs, however for the first several months in order to fill your depots, it is a good idea to find a good god liver oil or another high quality fish oil to drink in order to support the work of your heart and the whole cardiovascular system.


Adaptogens like ashwagandha and rhodiola are very beneficial for the body especially in times of stress and a prolonged emotional imbalance as they support all the physical processes and increase the tolerance to stress and pain. Turmeric is a great anti-inflammation supplement that you can also add to your food as it will alleviate pain and will support the healing of all the inflammatory processes in your body. You also need to boost the levels of Vitamin D either with spending some time in the sun daily or by taking it as a supplement as it will help you deal with the sleeping issues, depression symptoms and the pain.