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How to Support the Lymphatic System for Better Health


Why the role of the lymphatic system is so important for your health? How to support its better functioning incorporating some useful habits in your lifestyle? What not to do if you want to have a lymphatic system that works properly?

The lymphatic system is the body’s drainage net of small tubes that takes away the excessive fluid, called lymph, leaked from the blood vessels in the tissues and brings it back to the bloodstream through the lymph nodes. Another function of this system is its role in the immune defence of the organism against bacteria, fungus, waste products, toxins and any other dangerous substances and cells that may be found in the body. The lymphatic nodes and the organs connected to this system like the spleen and the thymus store white cells which are rapidly multiplied and released in the blood if any bacteria, virus or dying cells are detected.

If any disorders occur in the lymphatic system the overall health would be affected immediately, the lymph needs to move easily in the body, so the waste materials of any kind to be able to leave the organism. The lymphatic vessels doesn’t have their own pressure like the blood vessels and the lymph is moving upwards always. So, what can you do daily to support its work?


As soon as the lymph is not able to move on its own because of the lack of pressure in the lymphatic vessels, the only way to support its movement is through exercises and contraction of the muscles. The sitting or standing at one place for many hours is causing a great difficulty for the lymph to move around the body. Without this movement the function of the lymphatic system is interrupted and the toxins are stored in the body or in the lymphatic nodes. A daily exercise is vital for this system to work properly. Even a quick stretching each hour for several minutes would help the lymph to travel easily through the body. To put your legs higher than the waist is also a good idea that would support the lymph movement.


The lymphatic system is managing the fluids levels in the body so it needs enough liquids to enter the system in order to work properly. The water supply is vital for the lymphatic drainage as the lymph is used by the body to flush away all the waste products, bacteria and any other dangerous substances. If dehydration occur in the body, the lymph nodes would be blocked with the toxins so enough amount of daily water is essential for the immune system.

Tissue regeneration

The disorders in the lymphatic system might lead to tissue swelling as the lymph is not moving properly and the excessive liquids is not drained well. Sometimes this could be the result of not enough tone in the tissues and the muscles. To regenerate the tissues safely and without any side effects you can treat the body with the coMra Palm. The coMra laser therapy would gently support all your systems including the lymphatic one as it provides the tissue regeneration and total body conditioning, providing the cells and the organs with the extra energy they need in order to awaken its own healing abilities.

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Spices and herbs

Some herbs and spices could help the immune system in its fight with the incoming bacteria, viruses and toxins from the outside world. The intake if garlic, chilli peppers, turmeric, ginger, clove, bee propolis, apple cider vinegar etc. might give your lymphatic system an extra push and support. Some herbs like the green tea, nettle and cinnamon could help the body to drain the lymph and excessive liquids.


The lymphatic system is an open one as all the waste products, dead cells and toxins must be pushed out of the body. The sweat is part of this system, the sweat is what the lymphatic system is using to maintain the inner temperature and to flush away the unneeded substances. This the main reason why the sauna and the regular intensive exercises are supporting the detox of the body. You should not try to seal the sweat glands as then the toxins are not going out and will return in the circulation.

Special Massage

The massage that is supportive for the lymphatic system would be the one that is done from downwards to upwards and not the other way around as most of the massage procedures are done. There are some specialists that are doing this special drainage massage that is improving the lymph movement through the vessels.

If your lymphatic system is working properly with all its nodes and organs, then the body is able to use its immune system in order to maintain the inner balance it needs. All the resources for cleansing and recovering are in the lymph movement to its open ends in the skin and other organs. When you support the lymphatic system, you actually help the regeneration and rejuvenation of the cells.

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