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Support Your Immune System with coMra Therapy


The guardian of your health is your immune system. At any moment, it works hard to protect the body from all the bacteria and viruses that could easily enter the organism. The environment is often polluted with harmful chemicals, viruses or dust particles which can cause many unpleasant diseases. In general, if your immune system is strong then you should be healthy and full of energy. So, which is the best way to support the immune system? On one hand, you can turn to nature and use some herbs and supplements to boost its work. Another option is to use coMra therapy – to provide some additional energy to your body which could be used for healing or regeneration.

Treat inflammation and pain

If there is an inflammatory process in your body, your immune system is alarmed and is already working on the problem. The organs are affected in many ways by viruses, toxins and even as a result of your emotions. If an inflammatory process occurs over and over again then it means your immune system cannot solve the problem. In most cases, the trigger for the inflammation is still there like some foods, gluten, sugar, lactose or stress. High temperature and even pain are signs coming from your immune system which is on fire. With coMra therapy, you treat the inflammation without disturbing the work of the immune system with aggressive chemicals. The light coming from the low level laser supports the work of the immune system and the organ itself. In a very gentle but powerful way, it assists the cells into their own process of healing. You can treat acute pain or the inflamed areas directly without any negative side effects. If you want to treat an organ, use 5 Hz and if it is on the skin surface, use 1000Hz frequency. More details on how to apply coMra therapy could be found in the coMra User Guide.

Improve your digestion

In order to maintain a healthy weight which is crucial for your health, you need your digestive system to work properly. With age, the levels of the enzymes decrease dramatically and it is getting harder to digest the food. The other reason for poor digestion is the change in the microbiome or the bacteria living in your intestines. Some foods like sugar feed the “bad” bacteria in your body and at one moment the healthy balance is disturbed. Treating your abdominal area with a coMra Palm as a prevention is a very beneficial way to restore the good proportion of good and bad bacteria in your gut. You can find some treatment courses for the digestive system in the Gastroenterology section of the coMra User Guide. However, you can combine the treatments to create your own way to support the body.

How to apply coMra Therapy at home?

The device called coMra Palm is small, portable and easy to operate with it. Doing the daily treatments will actually heal your body without any negative side effects. You can also successfully address the reasons for the nerve damage like insulin resistance, high blood pressure etc. The coMra therapy is very gentle to your body but at the same time it is powerful enough to awaken the inner healing abilities of your cells and to support them to become strong and healthy again.

Manage stress and sleep

It is well known that stress can weaken your immune system very fast. People tend to get the flu virus if they are going through stressful periods more often compared to times when they feel calm. The high levels of cortisol released in the body as a result of stressful situation of perception are taking too much of the energy resource. This starts a chain reaction affecting the blood sugar levels, the cardiovascular system and could harm the major organs. Sleep deprivation could occur as a result of stress but could cause even more stress in your body. The Universal Treatments 5 and 7 could be very beneficial for your nervous system and will improve your sleep and adrenal health.

*If you cannot find your condition in the coMra User Guide, please write to us at and we will provide all the needed information to support your healing journey.

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