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What Might Cause Chronic Fatigue

It is a strange tendency amongst many different age groups to experience symptoms like physical weakness, inability to concentrate, headaches, pain and even nausea. The body signs seem to happen out of nowhere lasting for a long period of time without any improvement. At the beginning, doctors did not even consider…
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Is coMra Therapy a Solution for Chronic Fatigue?

If you feel exhausted even after 8 hours of sleep and your productivity is 50 % less than normal, and if that repeats day after day, you may need to notice that something serious is going on with your health. Chronic fatigue is one of these modern health conditions that affects thousands of people.
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Hypothyroidism Body Signs and Symptoms

How your body will show that this gland function is too low and the inner hormonal balance is lost? There are symptoms and body signs which are the results of hypofunction of the thyroid. As soon as you notice them, you need to test the levels of thyroid hormones and start a healing course.
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How to Boost Hypothalamus Function Naturally

Hypothalamus is that part of the brain which controls the glands and the production of the hormones in the body. It regulates the temperature, the thyroid and adrenal glands. The normal functioning of hypothalamus is essential for the body weight, the reproductive organs and the whole endocrine system.
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10 Adrenal Fatigue Healing Health Tips – Part 1

If your adrenals are not producing enough hormones after periods of intense stress or physical exhaustion, you need to take better care of them and execute some changes in your lifestyle to support them. Parallel to that, to heal the adrenal glands you can apply coMra therapy which will boost the work not only of the adrenals but of the whole endocrine system where everything is connected.

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Adrenal Fatigue Causes, Symptoms And Linked Conditions

When your adrenals are tired due to periods of stress, depression or physical exhaustion, they do not produce sufficient amount of adrenal hormones. For example, in the mornings when the levels of the cortisol have to be higher in order your body to wake up, they are low and you wake up without any energy.

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