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It is Easy! Everyone Can Use coMra Palm at Home

Where to find all the information that I will need? Will someone answer my specific questions if there is something that bothers me about my treatment protocols? Will coMra-Therapy be suitable for my condition and how to incorporate it in my daily routine? Have you ever had any of these questions? Here is what you need to know about coMra-Therapy that will help you to start applying it on your own at home.
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The coMra User Guide in Details: Universal Treatments 5 and 7 – Nervous system

If you are in a period of emotional stress and you feel overwhelmed, exhausted and anxious, coMra therapy can help you not only with the symptoms but also with the cause and the root of your condition. The Universal treatments 5 and 7 from the coMra user guide, which focus on the neuroendocrine system, are key for emotional and mental health.

The coMra User Guide in Details: Universal Treatment 1 – Head

The coMra therapy is a very gentle, non-invasive and effective method to support and heal your body. The low level laser in the devices, provides the additional energy which every cell in the body needs in order to heal. Moreover, there are also magnets and light diodes which are specially modulated to provide even better …

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