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Your Body Never Lies, Just Listen

Have you noticed how your body feels when you are angry or sad, or depressed? All the body signs, symptoms and diseases are the way your body is sending you a message. And you need to pay attention in order to get it right.
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Chronic Pain Relief with coMra Therapy

Do you know that coMra therapy could be used as a non-invasive chronic pain relief that is highly effective and easy to apply?
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The Mindset Behind It : Overweight and Obesity

Which are the emotions and thoughts that will cause your body to react with gaining a lot of additional weight? Obesity and overweight could be a result of very complicated emotional patterns and the reasons may vary a lot. Every condition starts in the mind, so the emotions and thoughts will eventually manifest on the physical level as a disease.

Which Are the Roots of The Emotional Stress? (Part 2 of 2)

Do you feel tired all the time, stressed and anxious? Have you ever wondered why some people find stressful and intense situations stimulating rather than frightening? Something in your reaction towards what happens is the root of the emotional stress in your life? There are some patterns in the way you think about problems which makes your body suffer and produce stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.