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Which Are the Worst Sugars And Sweeteners?

If you read the label of the packed food you buy, you will see that the sweet taste of it might come from different type of ingredients. Here is the list of the worst sweeteners used to make the food more tasty.
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The Mindset Behind It: Low/High Blood Pressure

Which are the hidden patterns in the mind that would manifest as low or high blood pressure? How to understand the messages sent from the body in order to heal the condition starting with its cause? The thoughts and beliefs that we carry with us could turn into harmful emotions which change the inner balance of the body.

Natural Tips on Healing High Blood Pressure

The heart is the most important organ in the body, it works all the time without any rest. When the pressure on arteries and the blood vessels is too high, it makes the work of the heart harder due to the distorted arterial wall. This may lead to heart disease, kidney malfunction, arterial damage, vision …

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