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What is the Main Cause of Insulin Resistance?

Each meal will cause insulin to rise in order for all these calories to be used by the cells. However, some foods will cause insulin spikes and some will cause a continuous insulin rise keeping it in moderate range. Above all, do not to forget that your brain and your liver need carbs in order to function, the consumption of carbohydrates is not the real cause of insulin resistance.

How to Naturally Heal and Prevent Cystitis

Some medications, hygiene products, hormonal imbalance or other conditions also could become reasons for cystitis. There are some tips that will help you deal with cystitis and you can try them along with the healing program prescribed by your doctor or if you need to control the symptoms and heal the cause by yourself depending on how serious the inflammation or the infection is.

5 Ways to How to Boost Your Virility As a Man

The problems with fertility in men are linked to a decreased sperm count, low sperm motility, low libido and erectile dysfunction. The hormonal imbalance is in the roots of the fertility issues in men as the male body needs testosterone in order to produce good quality sperm. Various conditions may lead to such an imbalance such as poor nutrition, lots of stress, diseases, excessive training, toxins etc.

Good Sleep, Good Health – Healing Sleeping Disorders

The holistic approach to the time of sleeping is that the body, the mind and soul need this rest from the active life in order to recover, rejuvenate, restore the energy and repair the tissues. Some please sleep more, some less but the most important is the quality of it and if you really get …

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6 Natural Keys for Women’s Hormonal Balance

How a woman can balance her hormones without medication and hormone pills? What do you need to be careful about when we talk about hormonal balance? Which are the factors that might affect it and what do you have to avoid or reduce in order to keep yourself healthy?   The balance of the different …

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Help Your Body to Burn More Fat

How can you help your body with the fat burning process naturally? What conditions does the body need in order to start using the fat storage as a fuel instead of the glucose? Can we stimulate the process without using chemicals and artificial supplements?   The fat burning process depends on the hormone called insulin …

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