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Is coMra Therapy a Solution for Chronic Fatigue?

If you feel exhausted even after 8 hours of sleep and your productivity is 50 % less than normal, and if that repeats day after day, you may need to notice that something serious is going on with your health. Chronic fatigue is one of these modern health conditions that affects thousands of people.
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coMra Therapy For Endometriosis And Other Gynecological Issues

The levels of the reproductive hormones like estrogen, progesterone, follicle stimulating hormone etc. are different depending on the day of the cycle. The last week of the period, just before menstruation, the estrogen levels are supposed to drop down. What is the connection then between PMS, painful cramps, endometriosis etc. and the estrogen levels?
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Leaky Gut Syndrome Part 1 – Symptoms and Treatment

The intestinal permeability occurs when you cannot digest certain substances properly and some particle from the food are released in the bloodstream. The reason for this are the “leaky”walls of the intestines which are supposed to protect the blood from the food particles.

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How To Balance Hormones In Your Body Naturally

The hormonal balance is the foundation of your overall health as when we speak about hormones everything is interconnected. Hormones take part in almost every process and the problems with their production can spread and affect more than one organ.

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The Mindset Behind It : Overweight and Obesity

Which are the emotions and thoughts that will cause your body to react with gaining a lot of additional weight? Obesity and overweight could be a result of very complicated emotional patterns and the reasons may vary a lot. Every condition starts in the mind, so the emotions and thoughts will eventually manifest on the physical level as a disease.

How to Boost Your Fertility If You Are a Woman

Many women are suffering from different fertility problems from the inability to get pregnant to irregular menstrual cycle or ovarian cysts. This is a huge part of the women’s health and the prevention is the best cure because it is easier to keep the balance that restoring it once it is lost.

3 Key Causes of Acne and How to Cure Yourself at Home

The acne is common for teenagers however some people could fight with it for decades without any particular success. The treatment only of the symptoms with cosmetics will not work for long and actually the rubbing and cleansing the skin with too many aggressive products might increase the infection. You need to realize what is …

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