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What is the Main Cause of Insulin Resistance?

Each meal will cause insulin to rise in order for all these calories to be used by the cells. However, some foods will cause insulin spikes and some will cause a continuous insulin rise keeping it in moderate range. Above all, do not to forget that your brain and your liver need carbs in order to function, the consumption of carbohydrates is not the real cause of insulin resistance.

Why Sugar Is Not Good For Your Health

Nowadays, you can find refined sugar in almost every possible packaged or processed food from ketchup to candies and soft drinks. The problem with sugar is that people are consuming thirty times more sugar than before when they counted on fruits only to get the sweet taste. But is the human body designed to cope with these amounts of sugar entering the bloodstream every day?
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How to Use coMra Therapy to Treat Hormonal Imbalances

The body is trying to restore the balance but with all the factors that affect the hormonal production negatively, this could become quite a complicated task. Women experience all kinds of symptoms linked to the disturbed hormonal balance from hot flashes, skin issues to…
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Slow Metabolism Part 2 – Symptoms and Body Signs

The slow metabolism affects the way the energy is produced and distributed in the body. You may find that your have difficulties with concentration or that you often forget things, or that you constantly feel cold and tired. Slow metabolism is related to…
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Slow Metabolism Part 1 – Why You Can’t Lose Weight

You blood sugar levels will go up and down all day and your body will try to fix that. All the unneeded energy from the sugar will be turned into fat as quickly as possible as it is too dangerous for the body to have high levels of glucose in the blood. This will lead to…
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Diabetes – Natural Ways to Reverse It

Millions of people suffer from diabetes which is a very serious condition but it could be reversed and cured if you embrace a holistic approach to it and make some changes in your life. There are two types of diabetes and both lead to high blood sugar levels which is dangerous for the normal functioning of the body.
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