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Taking Responsibility for My own Health

A few years ago I was able to recover, from a fracture in my forearm using coMra-therapy without using any pain medication, and I have been using coMra-Therapy for many years with different conditions such as wounds, digestion and stress on myself and also with with patients, so when the coMra Palm came along I have been very happy with the ease of use, and also with the benefits.


Rugby club

After joining a local rugby club a year ago we have started playing a few matches this summer , and it is fairly common during these matches to acquire a few scrapes and bruises. Having the coMra Palm available has been a big help. 🙂

One one occasion we travelled from sea level inland to the base of the andes mountains with quite a significant change in altitude, when some time after the match I felt the effects of the exercise which was experienced as a shortness of breath. When on applying the coMra Palm I was able to slide the device under my shirt and continue conversing with my team members, while treating myself at the same time.

Within half an hour from starting the treatment I was felt much better, and my breathing had returned to normal.

On two further occasions I have received scapes to my knee, and on both occasions it helped to have the coMra Palm handy so to speak, to boost the healing process, where I experienced the multiple healing benefits from this process, and at times I could even feel the increased blood circulation in the wound area.

Vet and Horses

In a different scenario, I am currently working with a local vet who is assisting a foal to recover from a canine attack, where Libertad received multiple wounds to her hips, chest, and also a fracture to her neck.

Due to both work challenges, for the last 10 days I have been unable to get through to apply the treatments, though I managed to leave a coMra Palm with Lorena to continue treating Libertad, and I was quite pleased when I returned to see that most of the wounds have healed quite remarkably within the time that I was away, leaving only her major wound on her chest with more time to heal, as well the  fracture on her neck.

What is surprising everyone that Libertad is now up and walking, and yesterday I observed that she was able to wobble along on her own with some minor assistance while turning, for 20 minutes before returning to her stable to rest.


One of the fascinating effects I have seen on quite a few wounds that have been treated by coMra-Therapy, is that the wound actually grows closed on its own without the need for stitches, leaving almost no scarring irrespective of the size of the wound, also with hardly any risk of infection.