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Reprogramming the way I think about my Health


How can it be possible for one device, such as the coMra Palm, to be able to be used to treat such a wide range conditions?

Having worked with coMra-Therapy over the last few years I have observed that within the health industry there is a strong conditioning and mindset regarding how we deal with our health challenges when they occur.


The main options we have available, which are reinforced by the allopathic model industry, are that we must wait until something goes wrong (to react), and while we are waiting we must also prepare for this “eventuality” by taking out insurance to protect ourselves from the ever growing costs that will occur.

There is very little effort invested into our education or into preventative medicine, so that we have the knowledge to respond intelligently to our conditions, and also that our systems are better able to fight off the challenges that come our way.

Coming back to the coMra Palm!

Not only do I treat these conditions when they occur, but I also treat myself beforehand (preventative treatments) to activate my immune system to increase its ability to fight off many of these conditions.

By treating myself with coMra-Therapy I assist my cells to produce more available energy where needed, and from this my cells are then better able to meet the demands required of them, and at the same time I also create an environment for my cells which is more supportive to healing.

In this way I am being pro-active regarding the health of my body, just like I ensure that I eat healthy food, exercise and get good rest.

I experienced these benefits most profoundly when I received a fracture to my forearm a few years ago, where I was able to remove my stitches after one week instead of the normal two weeks, much to my traumatologist’s amazement and consternation when he saw what I had done. 🙂

He also mentioned later that with the accelerated regeneration on my arm after two months, his patients normally experienced this level of regeneration only at four months.

During this whole process, I took no medication for pain due to calming effects from my treatments with coMra-Therapy.

With my investment in this versatile device, apart from my own benefits in treating myself, I am also able to offer these benefits to my family and friends.