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11 Tips To Strengthen And Boost Your Immune System


All over the news and media, the topic is the same: coronavirus outbreak. While measures like staying at home and keeping physical distance are set outside, the immune system will protect you from the inside. Nowadays more than ever, people are concerned about their immune system and if it will be strong enough to defend them from viruses. It is the ultimate protection against pathogens, bacteria and viruses which are everywhere and we are in contact with them all the time. These health tips will help you strengthen and boost your immune system, supporting its ability to fight off viruses.

Don’t Panic And Manage Stress

First of all, try not to panic and to keep your stress levels low. Stress suppresses T-cells which are developed in the thymus gland and are the main tool of the immune system against triggers coming from the environment. Chronic stress and high levels of cortisol impairs the ability of the immune system to fight viruses and pathogens. It is vital to stay calm and not to tune into fear and worry as then your immunity will be highly compromised. Harmonious music, deep breathing and meditation will help you manage your stress levels and stay healthy and strong. Tapping in your inner joy is a great way to spend your day, so try to laugh as often as possible. Get busy with creating art, painting, dancing or your favourite hobby as a way to manage your stress and to improve your well-being.

Moderate Exercise

Moving your body will tone the muscles and will improve your overall health by eliminating the toxins from your body. Exercising will enhance the work of the lymphatic system and your gut health. As most of the serotonin is produced in the gut, it will have an impact on your emotional state too. Yoga, tai chi, stretching, moderate training, walking in nature are essential to increase the oxygen in your blood and to maintain a strong, healthy body.


How you breathe will affect your emotional and physical condition, especially if you breathe deeply and in a calm manner. When you pay attention to your breath, it will be easier to stay in the moment, to maintain the connection with your physical body and to understand your emotions. Inhale deeply and then pause for a second, then exhale and pause again. Observe how you feel during the process, are there any emotions that you have not noticed before. What are you thinking right now, can you see the gap in your thoughts and stay there in silence, even for a second. Make it a habit to come back to your calm breathing in the moments of stress and despair.

The Power of Sunshine

Going out in the sun will enhance the production of Vitamin D which has a very important and major role in your health. It takes part in many processes and it is known to strengthen the immune system too. On the other hand, being outside and enjoying the sunshine makes you feel good and improves your health in so many ways. The sun is our source of light and warmth, all the life on this planet depends on it and you make no exception. Of course, sunburn is dangerous for your skin, so if the sun is too strong, you need to be outside only in the early morning or late afternoon.

Relationships And Social Support

Your close relationships can be a source of either stress or love and support. Now, when most of the people are staying home, is a great time to improve your relationships with family and friends. The social support and connection with other people affects your health greatly. Although you are physically isolated, there is always a way to reach out to the people who are important for you. Isolation can increase your stress levels and compromise your immune system, so having a social support net is crucial for your well-being.

Doing coMra At Home

Low level lasers are used for healing and prevention as they are effective, painless, non-invasive and gentle to the cell. Therefore, coMra therapy is all that but even more as it combines the power of the laser with magnetic field and LED therapy. The result is a device that is easy to use, reliable and portable. You can apply your coMra protocol at home and is very beneficial for chronic diseases, pain, injuries and prevention. There is a section in coMra therapy designed to boost and strengthen the immune system. We have published a very detailed article on how to use and apply coMra therapy if you want to support the work of your immune system.

Healthy Diet and Supplements

Whatever we say about the importance of a healthy diet rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, will not be enough. Therefore, try to incorporate more fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy fats in your way of eating. Garlic, ginger, turmeric and wheat grass are known to enhance your immunity , to help it fighting the pathogens and to support the elimination of the toxins in your body. Supplements like zinc and magnesium and foods rich in Vitamin C and D will support the immune system even more. Probiotics and fermented foods will improve digestion and will help you maintaining a good gut health too.

Fasting And Detox To Boost Your Immune System

Going for a day or two on a lighter diet like raw vegan, juice or water fasting, is a great way to restart your immune system. There are many triggers in your food like gluten, dairy products and sugar which alarm your immune system and keep it busy fighting the inflammation. When you fast, your digestion will not take so much of the energy resources in your body and it will enhance the detox process. In other words, your immune system will have a break and some additional life energy to search for and destroy the old cells, to repair the tissues and the organs, and to regenerate.

Hydration And Skin Care

Water is a major part of the cells and it is needed for the blood and lymph to move freely through the vessels and the organs. Make sure that you drink enough water and avoid soft drinks. Cold or ice water is not recommended as it will decrease the inner temperature. Go instead for warm or hot water to provide good hydration. On the other hand, the skin is the biggest organ in the human body and is its border to the outside world. That is why it is vital to keep your skin in good condition. Natural base oils like coconut, sesame or olive oil will improve the abilities of your skin to keep the pathogens at distance. You can rub the oils directly on your skin after a warm shower, covering the whole body as a way to create a thin protective layer and to avoid dryness.

Good Quality Sleep

Sleep is something that we all need since the day we were born. This is the time when the immune system is cleansing the body from the toxins. On the other side, the cells heal, reproduce or regenerate. A quality is sleep is needed for the healthy condition of your brain and is vital for your good mental and emotional state. So, try to avoid lacking of sleep and all the habits which might disturb it like sitting for a long time in front of screens, blue light and too much caffeine.

What Do You Need To Avoid

In order to strengthen your immune system, you need to avoid alcohol and smoking as they create metabolic waste material in your cells. Deep fried foods, gluten, processed meat and too much salt are not good for your digestive system and in most cases will cause mild or severe inflammation. Sugar is another inflammatory food that induces insulin spikes, breaks down collagen and stresses the cardiovascular system. Staying away from sweets and junk food is vital if you want to give your immune system a hand. In addition to all of the above, try to limit your exposure to toxins and pollution, especially the household chemicals used for cleaning. Most of them contain substances that are very aggressive and you do not want them entering your body through the skin or by inhaling them. Worrying, depression and anxiety will also compromise your immune system, so find a way to work on your emotions and thoughts to avoid stress.

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