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Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Digestion


How could your boost your digestion and deal with its problems without using any medication? What are the eating habits that are good for you? Can we heal our bodies naturally and  what to do to prevent the digestion problems?


Our food is now full of additives and we don’t know what exactly they cause to our bodies, they are in the processed foods but also in the fruits, vegetables and grains. They may lead to digestion problems however the eating habits, emotional condition, environment and stress levels could also may also become a cause for some pain and discomfort.


We need “good” bacteria for the normal process of digestion and if we have regular pains in the intestines, it is good to take probiotics every day for at least a month. If you choose a combination of several types of probiotic bacteria, the better, they will start living in your body and will be reproducing which will help the normal functions not only of the digestion systems but also of the fighting ability against any “bad” bacteria and fungus. The fresh and clean water is also supporting our microflora, so make sure you stay hydrated. The emotional balance and low stress levels are vital for the microbiome, so take enough rest and get more sunlight.

Eat the food by order

Another very important thing is the food order during each meal. There are three main rules about the food groups which will help your stomach to digest the food easily, effectively and quickly, and your body to absorb the maximum from the food intake in terms of nutrients.

a/From raw to cooked.

It means that first you eat the raw like the salad or fruits and then you can proceed with the cooked dishes. That’s why in the restaurants, the menu usually starts with a salad. The fruits and vegetables also come with the enzymes that improve their digestion and are moved forward to the intestines faster.

b/From liquid to dry.

This rule says that we need to eat the more liquid food first, like the soup, juice or water, after that the dishes with sauce and the last should be the dry and thick foods like baked dishes, cheese or other. The stomach will move the liquids first so the drier is the food, the longer it will stay in the stomach.

c/From carbohydrates to proteins.

The carbohydrates need less time to be digested compared to the proteins, so first we eat the carbohydrates like bread, potatoes, rice etc. and then the milk, fish, eggs or other proteins. The food groups are digested by different stomach juices, that’s why it is a good idea not to mix them too much or at all. The fat and the fresh vegetables are relatively neutral to the stomach liquids.

Alkaline vs acid

If you feel exceeded amounts of acids produced in the stomach, maybe you will need to add some alkaline liquids or foods to help you feel better on the spot. Such are baking soda, water with lemon, few drops of propolis tincture in water, cucumber juice, all the green leaves juiced or as a salad, not very sweet fruits. Your body needs a very gentle alkaline/acid balance in order to be healthy and going too much in one of the extremes is not good and will lead to diseases.

Prevention and healing

You could use the newest laser technology that will help your body to feel better, to heal and to deal with pain and stress. The coMra Palm can be used to heal digestion problems, as prevention or as a pain-relief.The treatment of the stomach and the other organs of the digestion system are very beneficial for the overall health and with the laser they will be gently supported to return to the normal functioning. All the details about the laser treatments which you could do at home could be found in the user guide.

Water on the table – yes or no

The main rule about water is that you should never drink a full glass of water right after your meal as this will slow down your digestion process dramatically. If you are thirsty, the best is to drink as much water as you want before you start eating. If the dish is very dry or salty, a small sip now and then is fine but not more than that. You will need to give your stomach at least an hour and a half to digest the food and move it forward before drinking plenty of water again. Of course, you need to drink enough water to make sure you are not dehydrated just don’t mix it with the eating. During the digestion process, your body produces the exact stomach juices it needs and you don’t want to interfere with adding water to them.

Changing the eating habits could be a slow process and surely it needs your attention. However, that would not help instantly with severe digestion problems but if the situation is not so bad yet, the prevention is the best medicine. So, if you are more careful about your eating habits, your digestion will be better and your body will become strong and full of energy.