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coMra Palm as ideal tool for Health Professional


The contribution of health professional to the well being of the general population and why the coMra Palm is the ideal partner for such professionals.


As I have shared in my previous article, I recently had to go through an adventure with my health and one of the aspects of this adventure was that I ended up developing a severe case of muscular atrophy. In order to overcome this condition, it was recommended by my doctors to commence physical therapy. And so I did; I managed to find an excellent physical therapist and together we created a therapy schedule and we began our physical therapy sessions.

Practical knowledge of therapist

This experience gave me the opportunity to realise that there exists a vast amount of healing work that the doctors do not reserve for themselves; they outsource this work to the various health professionals. The contribution of all these professionals to the well being of the general population is truly enormous and, personally, I do not believe that they are the recipients of the gratitude we really owe them.

I have come to realise that these professionals, be it physical therapists, acupuncturists, shiatsu therapists as well as all other health professionals out there, have managed to accumulate a great amount of practical knowledge about the human body and the human organism in general. However, I am very much afraid that all this knowledge is not being recorded in its entirety and, what is even worse, is not even being considered as “science”.

What is really “alternative” medicine?

Unfortunately, especially in the so-called “western world”, we have come to consider as medical science the application of pharmaceutical substances and their effects on the human organism and only. All other knowledge regarding healing has been acquiring derogatory definitions, like “alternative”; definitions that carry the clear implication that they do not refer to “real”, to “actual” science. As if science is not a synthesis of knowledge but instead is its compartmentalisation, which is especially formatted to serve certain corporate interests.

The subject is, of course, vast and we could dedicate many articles on it. However, for the purposes of this article, I wish to adopt a positive, a synthetic approach. Therefore, the million-dollar question is: Why is coMra-Therapy and the coMra Palm device the ideal partner for all health professionals?

Ground principles of coMra

First, both coMra-Therapy as well as the coMra Palm device are based on principles that are scientific with the true sense of the concept of “medical science”, that is: knowledge that is able to intelligently co-operate with all of life while at the same time implementing the principle “First Do No Harm”. In other words, there are absolutely no side effects whatsoever in performing any healing process with the coMra Palm device.

Second, the coMra Palm device is able to intelligently co-operate with all healing modalities, with all healing arts, from the ones considered to be “mainstream” all the way to any other healing approach. The coMra Palm is not mutually exclusive with any healing art, process or approach. On the contrary, it co-operates with every single existing healing prospect, enhancing its healing effects.

A flexible tool for variety of treatment strategies

I happen to have personal experience of this as I implemented the coMra-Therapy on myself at a time when I was taking cortisone, a pharmaceutical healing method which is “as mainstream allopathic as it gets”, as well as at a time when I was not using any pharmaceutical substance but I was in the process of physical therapy. In both instances the healing process was enormously supported. In the case of cortisone, coMra reduced its side effects significantly; side effects like stress, insomnia, faster heartbeat etc were not as strong. But even when I developed muscular atrophy and required physical therapy, the process of muscle rehabilitation was also significantly faster due to the implementation of coMra.

Therefore, irrespective of whether you are a physical therapist, an acupuncturist, a shiatsu therapist, a therapist working with essential oils or using any other healing approach, the coMra Palm is your ideal partner. It co-operates with your healing art, enhancing its results; which brings us to…

Third, the “coMra application” does contain certain suggested healing processes, covering the entire spectrum of ailments. However, these processes are not fixed protocols that must be implemented no matter what. They are suggestions of processes that have worked in the past regarding those particular ailments, nevertheless improvisation is also the name of the game. Due to the fact that coMra is thoroughly safe and side effect free, each therapist using the knowledge of his/her particular healing art as well as the knowledge he/she has of the human body, may improvise on the suggested healing protocols or even devise new healing protocols altogether.

In time, the “coMra application” has the dynamic to become the common denominator of all healing arts, a true meeting space for all healers who wish to evolve their science. Instead of “compartmentalising” it shall become a synthesis of all healing arts under the banner of the true medical science.


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