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How coMra became my trusted health companion

I have been using coMra-Therapy for a number of years now, since 2010 and didn’t know at the time how this device was going to play a role in my life or to the extent that I would be using it. I didn’t and haven’t had any major health concerns or life threatening illnesses so one might say in this case that they don’t really need such a device. My one major issue I wanted to use this therapy with was my skin. I had been dealing with mild acne for years and had regular breakouts. I also had discoloration from older breakouts and picking at my face which took months to heal but never really went away because the newer ones replaced the older ones.

I had quite amazing results from the coMra treatments, better than anything I’d ever tried in my years working in the Esthetics field. The discoloration went away completely and I had fewer pimples than I’d had in years. I treated my face of course, but in this process I also learned about the blood irradiation treatment which was a huge contributor in clearing my skin up. With this blood treatment I started to understand more about the effect that coMra-Therapy has on the body and the support that it provides in order for healing to take place. The body has the inherent knowledge and capability to heal and coMra assists this process by contributing to create the best conditions to move this process along in a much quicker and efficient manner.

coMra became a trusted companion

In having this observation and also in wanting to manage my health as self-sufficiently as is possible, coMra-Therapy became a trusted health companion in my life.

Although the treatment for my skin had very satisfactory results for me, the biggest appreciation that I developed, and still have for coMra comes from my desire to manage my own health. Also, after using it over time and having it so accessible when I have some sort of pain or at times injury, it’s amazing. I don’t have to leave my home and I can simply sit back in the comfort of home and give myself a treatment. The ability that the Delta, and now the coMra Palm, allows for me to do this is absolutely invaluable.

A recent example is when I was traveling abroad in Greece and on the last day of my visit there I started getting sick. I had a sore throat and some congestion in my sinuses and feeling very tired. I was quite worried because I had been on an airplane in the past with sinus congestion and it was very painful, and I was getting on a plane within 24 hours. I was in a conference all day but I was able to sit there with my Delta and treat myself off and on throughout the day.

Receiving a coMra Palm gift

Then I received my coMra Palm that day as a gift and I was very excited to be able to take it with me on the plane. It is the perfect size for a plane ride! On the overseas plane ride home I treated myself with the coMra Palm a number of times around my sinuses, my throat, and some points on my neck that are part of the blood treatment. I would treat for about 20—30 minutes, then wait a few hours and do it again. Together with the coMra Palm I got myself through the trip with no pain in my sinuses or ears or any other uncomfortable symptoms.

I was so relieved that I was feeling okay and it was also great because then I wasn’t worrying anymore and creating more stress on my body, which would then contribute to me getting sick. So whether it’s in my home, a conference room, a hotel room, or an airplane, the coMra Delta and coMra Palm are exceptional health companions.