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Why the Universal coMra Treatments Are So Good For You


Today we want to share with you some information on the key treatments in the user guide that could be very beneficial when healing various medical conditions or as a prevention. These are the Universal treatments 1-8.


Have you ever wondered where to start from with coMra-Therapy at home or at the office? How to organize your treatment program in order to be most effective with your condition? Which coMra treatment from the user guide to refer to if you want to take preventative care of your health? If you can combine treatments in order to support your body in the healing process more accurately?

Due to the interrelated nature of health, all the systems in our body work together and there is a constant communication between the organs as they are a vital part of the maintenance of overall health. As you can see in the coMra user guide or in this introductory article about the Universal treatments, treatments cover the main systems or major organs in the body. If you apply these treatments long enough to observe improvement and then continue with them, you could heal the organs, get pain relief, control the symptoms and prevent new attacks in the future.

The “core” of the Universal Treatments is number 3 – Blood, since the blood is the main tool of the body to maintain communication and nutrition of each cell. As part of our holistic approach to health, this treatment is fundamental for general well-being. The goal of it is to irradiate non-invasively the full volume of the circulating blood in order to increase the oxygencarrying capacity, to improve blood rheology, to enhance the microcirculation, to biomodulate immunity etc. It is very beneficial to be applied during the healing of inflammation processes, the presence of viruses, toxins, etc.

The application of the Blood Universal treatment alone or in combination with others, will lead to normalization and stimulation of any regenerative process as well as regulation of the carbohydrate, fat, protein and intracellular bioenergetic metabolism. The red blood cells are supported to become more flexible and to move faster. When the blood moves freely in the body, it is less thick and the blood vessels are stronger, clotting and waste sediments are removed from the bloodstream, and the whole body has more energy to deal with the healing of the organs which need it.

You can start with treating the area of the body or a point where you feel acute pain or injury and combine it with the Universal Treatment 3 – Blood, in order to provide a systemic energy support for your body. The Universal treatments 4 and 6, which focus on the major organs, are to be used if you need physical conditioning, restoration of energy or combatting chronic fatigue, also if you are an athlete or following a training program. The Universal treatments 5 and 7, which focus on the neuroendocrine system, are key for emotional and mental health. The Universal treatment 1 for the head is to be applied if any headaches occur or you want to heal chronic migraine, support your vision, eyes and your brain, after long hours of computer work etc. The Universal treatment 2 is for the health of the heart and is also a key one when dealing with stress, exhaustion and heart weakness.

When you do coMra treatments at home please read the instructions in the user guide in order to understand the main principles of the therapy. The method is very gentle and non-invasive, without any sideeffects, however cells have limitations in absorbing energy, so in acute cases several short treatments per day are recommended instead of only one but long. Please note that not all conditions that can be treated with coMra-Therapy are to be found in the user guide, since possibilities with coMra-Therapy are unlimited in relation to physical, emotional and mental health.

We hope you are having a wonderful time and enjoying the feeling of well-being and health!


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