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The coMra user Guide in Details: Universal Treatment 8 – Complete Organ treatment


So, here is the last of the Universal Treatments which was created in order to support any healing process, cleanse, detox and recovery happening in the body. Each organ receives an additional boost of energy, assisting the elimination of toxins and waste products from the cells.

Universal Treatment 8 – Comprehensive cleanse and regeneration

This treatment scheme can be used as a comprehensive cleanse and regeneration program if you want to support the detox process in your body. It consists of two parts that must be done consequently and puts the focus on the major organs of elimination. Please follow the instructions that you will find in the user guide but also feel free to combine this sequence with other treatments if you feel the need and in order to achieve better results.

How coMra works

The coMra therapy is a very gentle way to heal your body, it is non-invasive and awakens your own inner healer, the invisible force of life which knows how to restore your health and balance . The combined power of a laser, magnets and light is working in a very unique and natural way in order to provide your cells with the energy they need. Once your body has the energy, it will start building and catching up with each of the functions that might have been cut off due to depletion of resources or blockages caused by inflammations.

 The coMra therapy does not deplete the body during cleansing treatments. The aim is to regenerate and support the body in achieving a natural detoxification. As with all cleansing programs, it is important During this treatment to also take your diet into consideration and drink plenty of pure water to help with the elimination of toxins. Moderate and regular exercise would be quite beneficial for better circulation.

How to approach the process of treatment

Be gentle with yourself during the cleansing process and observe yourself carefully for the signals that your body will send you. Certain effects such as increased tiredness, skin rashes, nausea or headache may be noticed whilst the body is making use of the available energy provided during the treatment in order to expel toxins.

It is recommended during the cleansing period to avoid stress, to spend more time in nature, to minimize the usage of alcohol, cigarettes, refined sugar and trans fats. You need to eat more fruits and vegetables, enough proteins and good fats for the body to have all the needed “bricks” to use for filling up the gaps and restoring the inner balance. Once the system is clean it will go naturally back to its harmonious state because the body knows how to to work in perfect balance and timing. All the hormones, fluids and organs will start working as an orchestra creating the melody of health.

Have joyful moments and stay healthy!

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