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The coMra User Guide in Details: Universal Treatment 2 – Heart


When do you need to apply the Universal Treatment 2- Heart alone or along with other treatments? How it will affect and support the body functioning? Which conditions will acquire this treatment in order to heal or at least to control and ease the symptoms?

This course was created to support and heal the heart in every possible way. When you treat the heart regularly with coMra, the coronary blood flow will gradually increase in time, which is very important as the heart has its own blood supply. The vessels of the heart will become stronger and even more vessels will be built in order for the heart to be able to pump more blood. The muscles of the heart will be supported in their constant work as the coMra therapy will provide the heart with even more energy. As a result there will be less stress on the heart as this Universal treatment is very supportive and beneficial for it.

This treatment will help with many cardiological conditions like in cases of a weak heart, insufficient coronary blood flow, ischaemic heart, arrhythmia, hypertension, cardiomyopathy, tachycardia, angina pectoris and any other issue connected to the heart. Regular coMra application will make your heart stronger,  will slowly improve its function, will heal the issues and will ease the symptoms. You can apply it also when you have low immunity, high levels of bad cholesterol or you go through a period of much emotional stress.

You always have to use the 5Hz when you apply coMra on the area of the heart. Please read carefully  the instructions in the user guide and do not use it on the heart if you have heart transplants, artificial valves or cardiostimulators. The other frequencies are not to be used on the heart at all, however the 5Hz is healing and supporting the heart work and you can apply the coMra therapy whenever you feel the need for it. Universal treatment 2 – Heart takes 13 mins and is to be applied 2 times per day. You can apply the coMra even more time than it is stated in the user guide if you feel the need of it as the coMra therapy is very gentle and non-invasive. Please refer to the pictures in the user guide to see the exact location of each point on your body. Gently place the coMra Palm on the skin and wait for the signal that the time has finished before changing the point treated.

You can apply this Universal treatment 2 daily until you feel improvement and then continue at for at least another week time, then you can rest and repeat again after 2 weeks if needed. It will be effective when done alone or in combination with other treatments as the heart is a major organ in the body, so any healing process will benefit if you include the heart treatment in your course. The better heart work will support all of the systems in the body and will help you to improve your immunity and energy levels. This Universal treatment 2 is vital for the overall health and could be used as a prevention during stress periods, physical exhaustion or daily just in case your heart needs more energy to build up more muscles or blood vessels.

If you want to have good results sooner, it is highly recommended that you combine the coMra treatments with other positive changes in your lifestyle, in your diet and in your way of thinking. The laser will awaken the natural ability of your body to heal and to recover, so you want to support this process with your actions in every possible way. To be more in contact with the nature, to do moderate exercises or any other healthy habits will increase the ability of your organism to heal and get better. To take care of your emotional balance and to find joy in your life is also very supportive for your heart.


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