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The coMra User Guide in Details: Universal Treatments 5 and 7 – Nervous system


It The nervous system is a complex and very mysterious part of the human body. It indicates each small imbalance happening and send the signals to the cells on how to deal with it. It is the communication center in the body, everything happens through it, nothing can move or operate without it. So, it is a major part of being a healthy human being. We all need to take care of it, to nourish it and to protect it. It doesn’t matter what the health issue it, we always has to support the nervous system too. But how? How to take care and prevent imbalances and damage of the nerves? Is there a safe and effective way to support its work and to heal it?

These days it is very common in our society people to suffer from depression, anxiety and constant emotional stress. The results of the stress on the body could lead to various conditions like high blood pressure, weight gain, irritability and many more. Stress is a normal reaction of the body used when you are in danger. However, being stressed all the time leads to distress. And that is not healthy at all. The nervous system is constantly activated by various triggers and that results in depletion and low energy. The question is what you can do if you already feel that?

If you are in a period of emotional stress and you feel overwhelmed, exhausted and anxious, coMra therapy can help you not only with the symptoms but also with the cause and the root of your condition. This method shows great results because it uses the coherent work of a low level laser, magnets and light diodes. It is totally safe, effective and non-invasive. There are treatment protocols which were designed to support this most imporatnt work of your nervous system. The Universal treatments 5 and 7 from the coMra user guide, which focus on the neuroendocrine system, are key for emotional and mental health.

Universal Treatment 5 –  Somatic biostimulation routine 2

When to apply this treatment protocol? This treatment course will support your body when the levels of the cortisol and adrenaline are constantly high as a result of emotional stress. This sequence was created to induce a healing process during the periods when you feel emotional exhaustion, depression, insomnia, lethargy or breathing difficulties. It will be very effective and helpful also if you have a weak heart, adrenal malfunction or Cushing’s syndrome. Will affect positively hormonal imbalances and all the symptoms of anxiety and emotional instability. You will find all the details about it in the user guide and you can always combine it with other treatments for even better results.

Universal Treatment 7 – Nervous system

One step further is the Universal Treatment 7 – Nervous system. When you apply the Universal Treatment 5 and after that you apply the Universal Treatment 3 – Blood, that makes the Universal Treatment 7. So, this treatment consists of two parts and they need to be done consequently. It will help you if you have nervous or neurological disorders of any kind, if you feel emotional exhaustion, weak heart or difficulties to breathe. This coMra treatment could be done separately or as a complementary to others and used in any case of mental or emotional stress in order to support the nervous system.

The high cortisol and adrenaline levels in case of emotional stress are triggered by the emotional response to different life situations. You need to address the way you react to the challenges in life and revise it, to try to manage the stress with deep relaxation, meditation, taking care of yourself, fun activities and some quality time spent with friends and family. You can always support your body by applying coMra therapy as the Universal Treatments 5 and 7 from the user guide are recommended in such cases. The emotional stress could affect almost each organ and system in your body and you will need more energy to heal and recover. The healing power of the coMra Palm is very gentle and yet effective, with no side effects. It could help you address each of the results of the emotional imbalance and you can experiment and combine the treatments to see which of them are making you feel better.

Have joyful moments and stay healthy!

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