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The coMra User Guide in Details: Universal Treatments 4 and 6 – Vitality


For the period of highly intensive physical activity you can apply the Universal Treatment 4 – Somatic biostimulation routine 1. If you are training or just feel physical exhaustion, that treatment will restore your depleted energy and will help you to recover quickly. During the periods of fatigue and physical intensity, your body will use the energy it has to recover the muscles and some of the organs might start suffering. That’s why the proper diet is also a very important part of your training program, as your body will be in higher need of nutrients. However, you can support your physical energy levels with this treatment every time when you feel tired, when you want to increase the regeneration process in your body or to condition your muscles after working out.

The Universal Treatment 6 – Vitality is a two parts healing sequence as the treatment course consists of the Universal Treatment 4 plus the Universal Treatment 3 – Blood. The last treatment of the bloodstream points is applied when you want to improve the health of your blood and the blood vessels and to support your body while it is fighting with any kind of inflammatory process. It is very versatile and is also recommended if you have anemia, overall weakness or chronic fatigue. So, together with the somatic biostimulation, it makes the Universal Treatment 6 – Vitality which is recommended during periods of a recovery from surgery or a long-term health care and medication. It could also provide a maintenance and support for the ageing body or to support other healing procedures. You can use it as a prevention if you are in a period of your life when you experience more stress than usual.

You can choose to apply the Universal Treatment 4 or to try the Universal Treatment 6 in order to support the regeneration of the tissues and to increase your vitality. We highly encourage you to experiment with the treatment courses that you will find in the user guide. Keeping a journal with the daily improvements is a good way to follow your own results and to observe how the different courses are working for you. The coMra therapy is gentle, easy to apply and non-invasive. Although it has no side effects for your body as it can only support it, your cells have a limited ability to absorb additional energy. So, if you are applying more than one course per day, or you feel that you need to repeat it more than one time, just give a couple of hours between the sessions. Please refer to the coMra user guide for the details that you need in order to use the coMra Palm or contact us if you have any further questions.

Have joyful moments and stay healthy!

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