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It is Easy! Everyone Can Use coMra Palm at Home


Can I use coMra Palm on my own? Is it difficult to operate the device and will I learn how to apply coMra therapy soon? Where do I start from? Which are the first things I need to know about using the device? Where to find all the information that I need? Will someone answer my specific questions if there is something that is unclear about my treatment protocols? Will coMra Therapy be suitable for my condition and how to incorporate it in my daily routine? Ever wanted to know the answers of these? Here is what you need to know about coMra Therapy that will help you to start applying it on your own at home.

Everyone can apply coMra therapy

If you are still wondering whether to purchase your own coMra Palm and how to use it, this article is for you. Everyone can use coMra devices as the process was made as simple as possible. If you are following this blog, you know that coMra Therapy is a powerful and effective method to heal and support your body. It combines infrared low laser, magnets and LEDs to enhance the metabolism and the communication inside the cell. This leads to regeneration of the tissues and healing of the organs and systems. On top of that, all of the components were modulated in such a way that there are no negative side effects on the body whatsoever. Which means that as soon as you know how to change the frequency and time, you can start using coMra devices today. It is that easy!

What do you need to know in advance

In order to apply coMra treatments on your own, you will need some instructions. All you have to do as a first step, is to download the coMra User guide. Read the introduction as there you will find some of the main guidelines on how to apply the treatments. For example, if you place the device on your heart, you always have to choose 5Hz. After the pre-word, start exploring the coMra User Guide and find your condition or something similar to it. If you cannot find the name of your disease, search by organ or system. When you support the suffering organs with coMra, your body will do the rest of the healing. Your body has its own intelligence, so you only have to provide some additional energy. It will use it for healing and regeneration. Here is where coMra Therapy comes. In a very coherent way, it induces the healing process inside the cell by improving hormonal communication, metabolism and energy. It is very effective and you can treat a wide range of conditions from headaches to cancer and diabetes.

Prevention and daily treatments

There is a section in the coMra User Guide called Universal Treatments. The protocols which you will find there can be applied both as a healing treatment or as a prevention procedure. They address the major organs and systems in the body as a way to maintain overall health. On the other hand, a key segment of coMra Therapy includes also injuries and pain relief. Once you start applying it on a daily basis, you will see even more occasions to use the device. Soon, you will take your own coMra Palm with you wherever you go. Anytime you have an injury, a wound or just some pain, you can place the device on that point to speed up the recovery process. You can use coMra Therapy on you, your kids and your pets. During periods of stress, extreme weather conditions or the flu season, apply coMra Universal Treatment protocols 3, 4 or 6 to support your body. In addition, you can combine all the treatment protocols in the User Guide according to your specific needs.

*If you cannot find your condition in the coMra User Guide, please write to us at and we will provide all the needed information to support your healing journey.



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