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Natural Ways to Heal UTI at Home


One of the most common infections is the urinary tract infection especially among women. It occurs when microorganisms like bacteria, fungi or viruses inhabit the urethra, bladder or the kidneys. These pathogens while not life-threatening can cause discomfort in many women. The symptoms are burning pain when urinating, frequent urge to urinate, abdominal pain, weakness, red and strong-smelling urine etc. In many cases there are recurring infections and they affect people with a weak immune system. There are several ways to heal UTI naturally using coMra therapy, cranberries and garlic, essential oils and drinking plenty of water.

coMre therapy for UTI

Your immune system has the ability to fight all the pathogens that may enter the body. Sometimes, it needs just a bit of a boost of energy to do its work. The coMra therapy is non-invasive method created to induce the healing abilities of your own cells. The laser, magnets and colorful diodes will provide the needed energy for your body to recover and heal. From the coMra user guide choose the Nephrology 3 treatment to support the healing of UTI. The Universal treatments also can be beneficial in cases of a weak immune system. All the treatments can be combined for better results as you can create your own healing course.

Plenty of fluids

It is essential to drink plenty of fluids and mostly water in order to flush all the unwanted bacteria out of your system. Urinate regularly and make sure that you drink enough pure water, fresh juices and tea while the infection is active. Avoid dehydration if you suffer from recurrent urinary tract infections.

Cranberry and garlic

Eating fresh cranberries or drinking them as a juice or tea can be very useful if you have UTI as they inhibit the growth and population of the harmful bacteria. Garlic is the other antimicrobial food that you want to eat more in those days of UTI. It has shown antibacterial activity against a wide range of bacteria and has antifungal properties too. Could be used in cases of candida overgrowth that often comes together with UTI. You need to take a good amount of Vitamin C with the food or as a supplement to speed up the healing process.


The population of the good bacteria in the intestines, the mouth and the vagina has major role in maintaining overall health. While the bacteria could become resistant to some of the remedies, the condition of the microbiome in the gut is vital when your body fights infections. Probiotics in the form of dairy products and fermented foods support the normal flora which serves as a way of defense against pathogens.

Essential oils

Some essential oils could help you fighting urinary tract infections. These are oregano oil, clove oil and myrrh oil. They have anti-bacterial, antifungal and antiviral activity. You can drink some drops of oregano or clove oil mixed with water or coconut oil for several days. Apply the myrrh oil topically diluted in base oil or just rub it into the skin. Oils can help you fight the infection using the gifts of nature. Combining coMra therapy with natural remedies is an excellent approach to any condition or infection.