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Get Rid of Varicose Veins Naturally


Varicose or spider veins are caused by the weak structure of connective tissue and the circulatory tissue. When the system of the blood vessels is affected, the blood circulation slows down creating too much pressure on the gentle walls of the veins. You need to both improve the circulation and to tighten the connective tissue of the blood vessels and the muscles. Standing for many hours in upright position or sitting for long periods on a chair combined with a poor diet could cause varicose veins among the other consequences on your health.

coMra Universal Treatment 3 – Blood

In order to help the regeneration of the damaged tissues, you can apply the coMra Universal treatment 3 – Blood daily for at least two weeks. It will improve the blood circulation and will increase the number of red blood cells. Additionally, you can treat the affected areas with the coMra device on 50Hz for several minutes every day. The coMra therapy is a gentle and non-invasive way to awaken the natural healing abilities of your body helping the regeneration of the blood vessels. It has no negative side effects and will provide the needed energy for the affected cells to start rebuilding and repairing the damaged structure of the veins.

Essential oils

You can try the application of essential oils topically to increase blood circulation and support the healing process of the affected areas. Cypress oil and citrus oils like lemon, grapefruit and orange can be mixed with witch hazel tincture for even better results. Creams containing horse chestnut extract and arnica are also very effective when dealing with damaged circulatory tissue.


In order to support your blood circulation you need to be active for at least half an hour daily. You can choose weight training or walking but you definitely need to incorporate moderate exercising in your routine.Wearing compression socks can also be beneficial as a way to regulate the excessive blood pressure in the veins especially in upright and sitting position.

Collagen and antioxidants

Your health depends also on the fuel that you give to your cells. You need to eat more antioxidant containing foods like bilberries, blueberries, fresh fruits and vegetables in order to supply all the needed nutrients for the veins repairing. In order to get rid of varicose veins quickly you also need a collagen rich diet. The collagen is tightening and firming the connective tissue, so you can try bone broth daily or taking collagen as a supplement. It also helps with sagging skin, cellulite and even leaky gut syndrome because of its qualities to support the structure of the connective tissue in the body.