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Alternative Ways To Deal With Adrenal Fatigue


Do you feel tired all the time and rely on caffeine to keep up with your day? Do you have an extreme crash of energy levels, especially in the afternoon and sleeping disorders in the night? Maybe you experience adrenal fatigue and you want to deal with it in a natural way without medications.

The malfunctioning of the adrenal glands could lead to various symptoms like fatigue, problems to fall asleep at night, cravings for sugar or salt, anxiety, weight gain, brain fog, hair loss, joints pain etc. Many people are experiencing it as a constant feeling of stress and low levels of energy. Usually, they reply on caffeine in order to be able to be productive during the day which could make the condition even worse. The first stage is related to an overwhelming fatigue right after a stressful experience or to be more exact, if the person perceives it as stressful. In some time, the constant stress could lead to irritability and exhaustion. Here are some tips to help you with the symptoms and the cause of that condition.

Cut the caffeine, drink water

The need for more and more coffee or chocolate, can be a result of the adrenal fatigue and to cut if off is the first step. If you are depleted of energy and your body cannot go on like this, you don’t need to force it even more as the depletion will become more severe. It is much better to drink more water and to support your body naturally. You can drink calming tea in the evening in order to have a good sleep, then in the day you will have more energy. The stimulants will only make your adrenal glands work harder and it will be more difficult to decrease the levels of cortisol they produce.

Eat healthy, avoid sugar

Sugar is a very popular stimulant which immediately triggers the insulin levels and the rising of the blood sugar. The levels of the stress hormone – cortisol will rise too. You need to make some changes in your diet and to include more proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables and good fats. Your body needs a good fuel to run on, so make sure that you eat enough vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids with your food. If you crave salty foods, you can add them in a proper quantity, sometimes the body will use the salt in order to maintain the blood sugar levels.

Be gentle

You need to develop a soft and non-aggressive approach to your body and to yourself in general in order to deal with the adrenal fatigue. The main goal in that case is to calm down, so that your adrenal glands to produce the healthy quantity of cortisol. The coMra therapy can help you in a very gentle way, giving your body the additional energy it needs in order to deal with the depletion and the stress. The Universal Treatment 5 from the coMra user guide is a healing course which is very suitable for this condition. You can combine it with some moderate exercise like stretching or yoga, however it is  better to avoid intense training programs and running which may increase the cortisol levels. All the treatments of the coMra therapy could be combined, so if you need to deal with other conditions, the coMra user guide can help you creating your own healing course.

Follow a daily routine

While your adrenals regulate the natural cycles of sleep, you need to support that process by following a daily routinTry to wake and go to bed at the same time every day, avoid watching screens at least two hours before going to bed and make sure you sleep enough. Maintaining the routine is the most difficult thing when the adrenals are not working properly as you cannot sleep during the night and feel tired the whole day after that. Then all of this repeat the next day, and the day after that, it can easily become a vicious circle which leads to even more depletion and exhaustion of the adrenal glands. All methods of relaxation are recommended combined with coMra therapy for the nervous system – Universal treatment 5. Find out where stress is happening in your life and try to change your perception of the situation or change the situation itself. Many people face burn out after a long period of adrenal fatigue, so you need to address the issue as soon as possible.

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