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WEBINAR: Boost Your Immunity With coMra – An Update


*This is a webinar transcript, you can watch the video recording HERE

Welcome, everyone! Great to see you joining our webinar from all around the world. It’s my turn this time and today we’ll talk about Covid and we will do an update on the webinar we did about a year ago.

A One-Year Research on Covid-19

In February 2020, when Covit-19 was just hitting the news big time, and the disease was jumping from country to country, we looked at this situation and how Chinese government in particular tackled Covid-19, they introduced unprecedented lockdowns. We sat together with Dr. Anna Klassen, here in Russia, and we thought that actually there is so much more one can do… one should actually do, in terms of dealing with this novel virus. This is how this whole idea of studying this direction began, it was February 2020.

 We did the first webinar where we proposed an idea that actually it’s completely in our hands to prepare our body, to prepare our immune system, to make it strong and resilient when we meet a virus. The coMra therapy is actually a great tool that everyone can use, so that is sort of how we began our journey into this new area for us.

Because I, myself never worked in the area of immunology and infectious diseases, it was new for me and that’s how we began. So, now a year later we have learned so much more. Today actually, I would like to share with you our practical experience because we’ve been getting personal reports from coMra users from around the world, who used coMra devices to treat Covid. 

Also, Dr. Anna was working here in Russia treating her clients, her patients, so we’re getting experience locally here. Then finally, sort of a cherry on the top I, myself and Dr. Anna, we had Covid. So, we went through it with coMra in hand. Now, a year later we would like to share an update.

Apart from the clinical experience we were getting, we also closely, very closely followed scientific literature on Covid-19. There’s so much literature that has been published actually every day during 2020. In fact, 300 scientific papers were published every day on the topic of Covid-19 but to our complete surprise there was practically zero discussion on the methods of supporting the immune system before the infection, during the infection and then after the disease, in terms of recovery.

There was pretty much no discussion on this topic whatsoever, it was mostly about transmission of the virus, pathology of the disease and then tackling the most severe cases. So, that was mostly the focus and obviously later on there was a discussion about the vaccines. However, there was almost nothing about what a person can do to tackle this condition himself/herself.

Now, in the Russian literature, it was actually a very curious thing that I found much more literature on this topic. In fact, in September 2020, the Russian Ministry of Health has officially recommended laser therapy for treatment and rehabilitation after Covid. So, there was quite a difference in the English and Russian-speaking scientific literature. We also thought that there is a huge gap, not in terms of only proposing, let’s say, coMra therapy for treatment, actually a gap in understanding what’s the core issue, the immunopathology, what’s actually going on.

Together with Dr. Anna Classen and the scientist from Moscow University, Oksana Gizinger, she’s a professor of immunology, we wrote a paper and we published in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology. This is one of the leading journals on the subject and during the last three months, it remains one of the most downloaded paper in the journal. Also, I received a lot of feedback from other scientists who wrote to me personally, expressing what an unusual view we took and that it actually makes sense.

How to Use This Webinar

So, in this presentation we will talk not so much about the technical details that we presented in the paper but more about the implications for you, your friends and families, implications of our research. Also, we will combine it with what we have learned so far during the past year of working with coMra therapy and specifically with Covid.

We will do so in three steps, first of all we’ll talk about how to proactively prevent respiratory infections like Covid-19, how to treat infection if you got it, and finally we’ll talk about recovery and rehabilitation after Covid-19. Please note that in this presentation, we will focus on what an average person can do in terms of treatment options, we will not go into situations of severely ill people who are in a hospital and they are treated by specialists in critical care. Obviously, we’re not gonna talk about those treatment options, we’ll cover what we can do practically speaking.

 And as a last note, what we will talk about here in terms of Covid-19, absolutely equally applies to practically any respiratory infection – be it the common cold, be it seasonal flu, etc. Actually, the treatment guidance and more or less the general clinical situation will be the same when it comes to coMra therapy, and I’ll explain why it is so.

What is the Essence of the Covid-19 Challenge?

Before we’ll get to the practical considerations, let’s take a step back for a moment and talk about the essence of the Covid-19 challenge. By essence I mean not the medical issues, not the technological issues but the way how we approach healing and life challenges in general.

One approach is, it is actually the most common approach, when something happens, something challenging, we dislike it and we want to resist this challenge –   we complain about it or we try to escape, hoping that the challenge will go away eventually. If the challenge doesn’t go away, then we’ll try to fight against it, we’re trying to control and manipulate the circumstances in our life, meaning we don’t want to change, we want to fix the thing that happened to us. This is what I would call resisting a challenge.

Now, let me take this sort of general approach and make a parallel with how we’re tackling this Covid-19 challenge. Because in the beginning of the pandemic, the narrative was that the only option available to you and I, was to avoid getting infected at all costs. With total lockdowns, we just tried to escape it for as long as possible. Then, obviously it didn’t work because the virus started to spread from country to country.

The next sort of solution came up which was let’s try to come up with a vaccine and eradicate it. Vaccines started to come up and then new challenges started to appear after that. So, I’m looking at the whole situation and what it reminds me is that when we don’t understand the real issue, the actual challenge is actually missing from the picture and we’re trying to avoid the challenge, we resist it and what happens is that we pile one problem on top of the other, on top of the other. What I’m talking about is, for example, lockdowns with the negative consequences which are the huge economic hardships.

Another situation, let’s say if you get a disease, all you can do is to go to the hospital and allow doctors to treat you, it makes sense on face value. But because so many people got sick, we see an overwhelmed medical system and in some places it actually was a collapse of the healthcare system.

Now with the vaccines, there are valid, very valid concerns about safety of the vaccines. So, how do we approach these ones, because the vaccines are very different, they were developed in a very short amount of time. On top of that, we have a mutating virus. If you watch the news there is always a new variant, a new mutant would appear and we don’t know if these vaccines will work or not.

What I’m saying is, something else is missing. Since Covid is not going away anytime soon and we’re really getting tired of waiting for somebody to ask to fix this problem, we might just as well start trusting our own intelligence to learn about this challenge. If we can work with that most incredible intelligence which is called the immune system, perhaps we can find the solution which is actually what we’re trying to find, the solution we’re seeking for. 

What Does it Mean to Intelligently Cooperate?

So, what do I mean by intelligently cooperating rather than trying to escape the challenge? Well, let’s see and I hope that throughout this whole presentation you will see how I approach this.

Firstly, when we have a challenge, immediate fear comes up. Obviously we don’t know what it is, it’s a new virus, it’s unknown, there are no drugs, no medication and on the news is fear, fear, fear, fear… So, how do I approach it? Well, obviously I need to do something on the emotional level, on a mental level, I need something to do on my physiological level and I have to do something around myself, my family, my friends, the society around me…

This means that I’ll need to work in terms of a holistic health, so I need to approach this as a challenge on all these multiple levels, if I want to actually meet this challenge rather than trying to escape it, and this is what I call proactive prevention. So, there’s a difference. I would either be sitting at home doing nothing and just waiting, let’s say, for somebody to come and give me a vaccine shot or I would be actively taking steps, getting myself ready if I’ll get infected, to meet this challenge. This is what I call a proactive prevention.

Proactive Prevention

Let’s talk about proactive prevention and how one can actually build up the health of the whole person. Again, this conversation I found largely missing from the scientific literature. I couldn’t say there’s much on the TV or at least here in Russia, there were some forward-looking doctors who were talking about this, but still they were kind of avoiding the whole issue.

What does it mean to build up the health of the whole person? To understand this, let’s again look at a couple of facts. The first fact is very obvious and we know this by now, without a shadow of the doubt, that most people have only mild or no symptoms at all after they get infected because our immune system, obviously, is fully capable of tackling this new coronavirus. It wouldn’t be only just the virus itself, if you got infected and you would 100% in 100% die from it all, obviously it means that the virus creates such a strong load on the body that the body eventually fails, but that’s not the case. The vast majority have only mild or are completely asymptomatic.

On the other hand, we also know that there is a group of people who are at risk. We’re talking about people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and other chronic conditions as well. What do these diseases have to do with our immune system? That’s a completely valid and a very, very revealing question.

We Need to Talk About Energy

What we are saying is not a coincidence but there is a direct correspondence between chronic disease, stress and our ability to tackle an infection. I’ll give you a hint –   we need to talk about energy. What do I mean by energy? Remember the last time when you had a cold or flu – from the very first hours of the disease we feel tired, we want to go to bed and we actually feel so tired, we want to rest most of the time. 

The same happens with Covid – this overpowering fatigue is a hallmark actually of Covid and pretty much everybody, who had Covid (including myself) and when symptoms start to manifest, feels fatigue. So, I feel low in energy. What does it mean actually, in terms of the workings of my immune system and what it has to do with diabetes, for example? I’m tired, low in energy but what’s got to do with my pancreas, for example, or hypertension?

If we stay only at the level of the symptoms or the level of sort of the mechanism of the disease, we will never get to the bottom line which is a common denominator for the state of our body, which is bioenergetics. It means that we need to look at the functional reserves of our body, or in other words how strong is our body in terms of energy. 

Your Energy Functional Reserve

So, let me show you a picture from our article . It’s a bit of a technical diagram but I’ll try to explain it, so you can understand what I mean by this.

On the horizontal axis over here, we have a number of days since the infection has started. Day 0 over here would be the day when I got infected and here we have 25 days – the course of the disease. This is the case of someone asymptomatic or a mild case, I’ll use my own example to illustrate the meaning, the key points. On the vertical axis we have over here, is the total energy expenditure, this is how much energy we produce. 

You can see that it is 14 000 kilojoules (kJ) per day, obviously it’s an average number and from person to person there is a difference. So, when I wake up in the morning and I do nothing, I just lay in bed, I already spend 6 000 kilojoules – that’s what we call basal metabolic rate, it’s to keep my heart pumping, my lungs working, my brain working, etc., so it’s just sort of the housekeeping of my body.

The next 2 000 kilojoules (in purple color) are spent on the inactive, dormant so to speak, immune system –   this is the housekeeping of our immune cells. So, you can see that about 20 percent of our total energy budget is spent on the inactive immune system. Then, the rest over here (from 8000kJ mark up) – this is my reserve, in other words when I need it I can use it, I can spend that energy. For example, if I want to run a 5k race I would use up that energy, that’s my functional reserve. 

How Energy is Spent During an Infection?

So, what happened when I got infected? I felt symptoms appearing on Day 5, that’s the so-called incubation period. When I just got the virus, it’s not multiplying in my system and what you see here in the red color is my innate immunity kicks in. In other words, it doesn’t know exactly what kind of a virus it is except that it’s a pathogen and it needs to suppress it. One of the most common ways is that I had a slight fever of 37.5 on my fifth day, in the evening, so my innate immunity kicks in because fever is one of the ways innate immunity works.

Now, because I had my coMra with me, as soon as I felt something was going on that day, I started doing the treatments. In my particular case, I was down in bed up until day seven. So, I had a headache, fatigue and about 37C degrees for the next day and for the next night, that’s all.

At this moment, my adaptive immunity kicks in (in blue color), it consumes much more energy because now the immune cells, the lymphocytes recognize this new virus and they sort of have this particular key that feeds that particular virus. Now, within hours my adaptive immunity produces an explosive amount of new lymphocytes that are very specific to this virus. So, in blue color over here you see extra energy consumption for my adaptive immunity and that’s how I want it.

Then, once the lymphocytes did their job, they started to eliminate the virus from my system. A few days after the energy expenditure on the immune function, it starts to decrease back to sort of the background level and in my particular case I got better. So, two days I spent in bed with coMra and by Day 3 I actually got back to work, I started working on my computer even though I felt tired and I couldn’t work for long hours. 

Two weeks later, about day 15 -16, I could do my regular physical exercises, in particular I practice yoga a couple times a week and I was able to do my regular routine. So, I would say to recover 90-95% from my disease in total, it took 2 weeks and then the full recovery took me three weeks, because three weeks later I couldn’t feel anything was left there. This is the case when my functional reserve or this amount of energy was sufficient and that’s the key point – I had enough functional reserve in my body to rally, to provide the energy for my immune system when it needed it.

Severe or Critical Disease Development

Now let’s look at the next case. This is someone who had a severe or critical disease. What is different?

Well, first of all here in purple color, only 4000 kilojoules are spent on the body support. It means that this is a person who has, let’s say, a chronic infection or they have diabetes. When you have diabetes your energy metabolism doesn’t work properly, the glucose is not absorbed into a cell. So, when energy is required and I’m talking about an immune cell, when an immune cell requires extra energy it cannot sort of absorb the glucose because of the insulin imbalance within the system. It could be due to other chronic conditions too.

What we can see is that this person has a low basal metabolic rate. There is obviously some amount of immune cells in the body, up to six thousand, but the functional reserve is very small, only two thousand kilojoules. Again, these are average numbers, there is a huge difference from person to person. Now, what happens when this person gets coronavirus? From Day 1 till Day 5, it’s more or less the same, meaning the innate immunity kicks in – they may develop fever, high temperature, fatigue, cough and so on.

But around this point over here (in blue color), what happens? When adaptive immunity is supposed to kick in and those immune cells need to multiply, there is no extra energy left. And what happens when scientists try to compare somebody who has a critical disease to somebody who had a mild disease? They found out that the T-cells, these are our immune cells, show signs of exhaustion, literally functional exhaustion and these cells cannot do their job properly. 

During the next two to three days these immune cells start to die off in huge numbers, this is called lymphopenia. When the number of immune cells hit critical levels, very low levels, that’s when the problem begins because when immune cells are no longer containing the spread of the virus, it becomes uncontrolled. What happens at this point, is hyperactivity of the innate immune system, that’s when we get inflammation. As a result, a person may develop an acute respiratory distress syndrome and if that is also not contained then it is followed by other systems starting to fail. 

The red color shows this inflammation but it happens only because the adaptive part couldn’t handle the virus or to be exact, it didn’t have enough energy to handle the virus. That’s the key point, because when scientists analyzed the timeline, the whole timeline, it turns out they could predict severe outcomes which is death, for example, they could predict 10 days in advance with 90% accuracy. It means something happens at this critical time window, so that the person later on develops a critical state and possibly dies.

So, this is what we put forward in our article, we described this whole situation as a one whole, meaning if a person has a chronic infection, if a person has diabetes, a cardiovascular disease, etc., all of these conditions would dramatically reduce the functional reserve or that energy buffer, available for the immune system to function properly.

How to Increase the Functional Reserve of the Body?

And here lies the opportunity because we can increase this functional reserve using very basic tools – by adjusting our lifestyle and using coMra. That’s our proposal that we put forward in the scientific paper, that’s what we did with our clients, with our friends or family members, that’s what I did myself and I can only say that it actually works.

All that was sort of the scientific explanation but what we can do practically speaking, what to do in terms of practical steps? First of all, what we need to do is to tackle fear because if our perceptions, if our judgment is completely clouded by this constant fear, I mean I don’t even turn on the TV at all these days, we will not be able to make any practical useful steps. 

How Do We Tackle Fear? 

First of all, let’s acknowledge it – we do have it, next step we ask questions – we can ask ourselves, we can ask our friends. In my case because I was really curious about what’s going on, I started digging into scientific literature and it turned out into a whole big scientific paper. So, we seek for clarity – what’s actually going on? 

Once we establish clarity – Okay, I’m clear, that’s the picture! – then we need to take action. Again it’s not one step, it’s one step after another, after another, after another… only in this way we can prevent the fear from completely overpowering us –   is by taking one little step after another, one little step after another. I hope that this presentation will show more of these practical steps that anyone can do. That’s actually what we have done, so tackle the fear, the first step. 

Vitamin D – Plenty of Sun

Next, plenty of sun! When Vitamin D is in our immune system, it’s very beneficial for our body. The best way to supply it, is to walk outside because you will get physical exercise, mild to moderate intensity, and you will get plenty of fresh air, and you get plenty of sun. How would I describe it? Do walks outside.

Me, personally, I like yoga, so I do yoga twice per week. I know friends who do Tai chi, you can do it in a Zoom class practically for free, so there is no real excuse not to do these very basic things. Next step, we have very good exercise and we walked outside but also we need the other side of the equation which is a quality rest

The Importance of Quality Sleep

Remember, our body builds up strength when we have good sleep, it is healing itself. So, quality sleep is a necessary part of the equation. Also, meditate during the day if you do meditation or do any kind of procedure of self-care. Because when you relax, when you’re in this peaceful state of mind, that’s when the healing happens, this is when the body starts to accumulate those functional reserves. 

A Balanced Diet Is a Key

Next, a balanced diet. What do I mean by this? Well, for every person it would be a different diet and what they mean by balance – in every geography there will be slight variations and so on. 

However, remember that when the immune system kicks in and our body fights for survival, it uses a lot of proteins. So, make sure to build up in advance that little buffer of proteins in your body, but also be mindful about micronutrients. Also, there are very good herbs that you can take preventatively for the immune system and different supplements. Obviously, I’m talking about whole foods, I’m talking about a natural diet and avoiding processed food products as much as possible. 

Reach Out For Support, Provide Support

The next step, we do need to be a part of a group. If you don’t know what to do in this situation and you feel fear is really overpowering, then reach out for support and ask questions. If you feel or know something, then share and provide support as that’s how we build this social social support within our small groups, with a family group of friends, a group of neighbors, etc. Because when things get tough, this is who we reach out for – to our friends and family.

How coMra Can Support Your Health?

Finally, let’s talk about coMra therapy. For those who may not know, this is a technology, a non-invasive physiotherapy that uses four different radiances: an infrared laser, magnetic field, ultrasound and color LEDs. So, all four technologies combined in one device, that’s what we introduced in Radiant Life Technologies.

Now, coMra therapy works differently from medications and I’ll just highlight this point again. If you think about medications, a particular drug that influences the work of our immune system – all it can do is pretty much to speed up a particular process in our immune system or slow it down, that’s all. That’s what immunomodulators do, they either try to intensify some process or to suppress this process. Obviously, this could be dangerous, that is why only doctors would prescribe it and there is a danger of having side effects.

The coMra therapy works differently, it cooperates with the intelligence of our body and in particular, with our immune system. With coherent energy, it provides that resources for the immune cell to do the job it’s supposed to be doing. This is why we can safely apply coMra therapy to treat Covid-19, flu, colds or pretty much any infectious disease. Because, remember, it’s the immune system that does the job of tackling the infection and with coMra therapy we only support it.

We create the necessary condition within a cell and this is why it’s so effective, this is why it’s so versatile and yes, try it yourself. We designed with Dr. Anna Classen several coMra programs which we called “immune support”. In the article which we wrote in March 2020, we introduced these prevention programs. They’re still the same as what we introduced initially, we learned that actually they hold true.

coMra Prevention Program – Immune Support

So, for someone who is under 50 years-old and there are no other issues, no chronic diseases, then what you can do is Universal 2 and Universal 3, and you do it once daily for 12 days. When I say Universal 2 or 3, I’m referring to the treatment protocols that you can find in the coMra therapy User Guide.

In the User guide you will find a diagram with the points where you would place the coMra device. In the photograph, you see a coMra Palm device in this case, also there is a coMra Delta which is a bigger device. It’s very easy to use it and you can take this device with you wherever you go and do the treatment, so universal 2 and universal 3 – very simple, easy to do treatments.

Now, in my case I wasn’t doing the full program of Universal 2 and 3. What happened is that starting from the autumn I was doing a lot of training and I was getting my body fit to do yoga, so I did a lot of Universal 3 treatments and sometimes Universal 2 but mostly it was Universal 3, and I was also treating my muscular system. However, I felt that I was getting more and more fit that it would be completely sufficient.

coMra Prevention Program – Immune Support 2

On the other hand, when someone has a chronic disease and is older than 50 years old, and there is a high risk of infection, in this case you would need to do something extra. Here we list Universal 2, 3 and 4 from the User Guide, and you will do these treatments for 12 days every day, you take a two week break and then repeat the program. You continue like this two weeks on, then two weeks off for three months, and then you take a break for three months.

Why are there extra treatments? That’s because the body carries an extra load, for example a chronic infection, a background chronic infection, consumes about 10% of your daily metabolic rate, any chronic infection. If you have another condition, let’s say arthritis or you have hypertension, that’s another 10-15% and that creates even more load for the system, that’s why you need more of coMra to compensate for these chronic diseases.

Now, obviously if you have your chronic disease and it is frequently worsening then you would do the treatment for the main disease. If you have diabetes, then you open the User Guide, you go to the section with chronic diseases and you do the treatment protocol for diabetes. So, I’m listing here Universal 2,3 and 4 in addition to the treatment for your main chronic disease. 

How to Measure My Progress

How do I know that I’m actually progressing in building up my reserves, how would I measure it? Well, the first sign that you’re actually getting very good, way ahead is that you have a deep restful sleep. Usually, this is a very good sign when in the morning you wake up completely rested, it means your body is recovering really well. 

Also, after you do some intense physical exercises you recover much faster than you used to. Let’s say, you walk up five steps of stairs and your heart is beating, if you’re so tired and you need to sit down, then your functional reserve is very low. As you build up that reserve, you recover much faster.

Also, pay attention to your emotional state. Usually, good functional reserve means that you have a good mood, you are in enthusiastic moods and you’re not so irritable. When you become very irritable, it’s usually a sign that something is going off within your system. So, by just paying attention to your state of being from day to day and you track it over time, you can easily see how your health is actually increasing. I could say for sure, when I combined my yoga with coMra treatments, I would say especially from August till December, I could feel how my energy was going up and up, I was really gaining strength. 

Treatments for Covid-19, Flu and Cold

That’s the coMra prevention program, let’s move to the next step – treatments for Covid-19, flu and colds. Now, I would like to highlight two very important points with regards to coMra therapy. Please, remember that it’s important – those first hours and first days, you may not necessarily have yet the sort of symptoms in full flight, you just start to feel unwell, you start being sort of unusually tired. It means your body is already beginning to fight an infection, so it’s better to start coMra as soon as possible.

If you have a sore throat or you have a dry cough, don’t wait for the PCR test to come back positive, saying Covid-19. There is no need for that because when it comes to coMra, it doesn’t matter – it could be a flu, it could be a simple cold, it could be Covid19, it doesn’t matter. The approach would be the same –   which is Universal  3, this is a very important protocol, when you treat the main arteries in your body and you do it much more frequently, we would suggest every three to four hours during the day.

How would I know how much I need to treat? Actually, you feel it. When you do Universal 3 or at least myself, when I do Universal 3 immediately, maybe 10-15 minutes later, I can feel how my state of being is actually being uplifted, my headache is disappearing, I feel stronger. Then, several hours later I’m again starting to feel down, so it means my body needs support and I do another Universal 3.

Also, you will do Universal 2 and then you treat locally, meaning if you have a headache it’s Universal 1; if you have a sore throat open the User guide; if you have a cough and you feel something is going on in your lungs, you don’t know maybe it’s just the beginning of pneumonia, you don’t have to wait, you can already start doing Pulmonology 1, one-two times a day and so on. 

Just open the User guide and do the local treatments, it’s very easy. Now, continue these treatments until your condition significantly improves, so we want to support the body while it’s fighting the infection. Don’t stop too early, just do it until you feel much better, then you take a break and repeat the program and so on.

What Our Work with Patients Shows

So, we have a number of patients and clients here in Russia who followed this program and we can say for sure that coMra therapy supports the body and reduces the severity of the disease. Remember, with coMra we cannot prevent the virus from getting into the system, no, the virus still gets in your system but the difference is that with coMra therapy your immune system is fully prepared to tackle the virus. Then the disease duration is much shorter, there is no extra inflammation in your lungs, in your other organs and systems and the severity of the symptoms is much more mild.

 I’d like to share one example we have here locally, this is a patient of Dr. Anna Classen. A female, she is 48 years old and she has a three years of history of secondary immune deficiency due to chronic infection. So, she was ill on and off all of this time, all of these three years, it means that her immune system was already exhausted even before she got Covid19. 

What did she do? She purchased a coMra Delta device with 905nm medical terminal, that’s what we call Delta Pro or the strong device and because of her health history, Dr. Anna recommended doing a bit of extra treatments. So, she did Autoimmune 1 protocol, the full course which is about three weeks long.

That was three weeks before she contracted the coronavirus. Now, her course of the disease was somewhat worse than mine, for about five days she had a high temperature shooting up to 38C – 38,5C and she was having all the typical symptoms of Covid but she didn’t use the medication. Whenever she felt her symptoms were actually worsening, she would use the Delta, that was for five days.

After five days, she noticed her temperature started to normalize, maybe going up only in the evenings. By Day 8, she had a normal temperature during the day and during the night she felt almost normal, by Day 13 she was able to return to work. She did work short hours in the office because she felt tired in the afternoon, again the fatigue lasted much longer than the actual disease.

She noticed what they called “Long Covid” –   she had symptoms, she felt irritable, she couldn’t sleep too well, she was waking up very often and that continued for another week. Then by the end of the month, so it was full four weeks, she said “I’m actually fully recovered.” This is a case of a person who initially, already before Covid, had an exhausted immune system because of the three years she was fighting with some other infection.

But now, with coMra she did a very good preventative course, it’s much better if you build up your health in advance because your immune system can kick in earlier and tackle the infection rather than dealing with the consequences of the inflammatory process during the disease. So, this is a very good case and I can say there are many more patients who have followed more or less the same timeline. 

What to Do if You Need to Stay in a Hospital?

Now, we also had a few friends or relatives who got into the hospital, they got into the Covid hospital and they didn’t want to use coMra in the beginning. They didn’t want for whatever reason but eventually they got into the hospital. So, we wrote this short treatment program and we called it Immune Support 4 for common colds, flu and Covid while in hospital. What we mean by this is that if you can manage to take a coMra device with you, you’ll be staying in hospitals shorter, your symptoms will be less and your doctors will prescribe less medication.

If you can manage to do treatments while in hospital, the minimum we suggest is you do Universal 3 twice per day and Pulmonology 2, that’s the points on your lungs to avoid the pneumonia. That’s the minimum program and if you can do it, fantastic, your stay will be much shorter. Remember, we want the innate immunity to kick in as little as possible because we want our adaptive immunity rather to fight the virus selectively than to have the other type of immune cells which will just go completely and they sort of wipe out everything in the way, so we want to reduce this hyperinflammation.

Recovery from Covid-19

What happens when we recover after Covid? I certainly could feel that there was sort of a tail of symptoms, for me it was a week – a week and half. What do I mean by this? I felt unusually tired, I couldn’t do my usual exercises. I know that Anna had difficulty to focus in terms of, for example, focusing on the mental work, doing some computer work, people have difficulty sleeping, it could be a very long loss of taste and smell, there could be palpitations, depressive symptoms, very different neurological symptoms.

The so-called “Long Covid” became very important and coMra therapy can provide a huge support in this area as well. First of all, with long Covid or with recovery after any disease, Covid-19 in particular, we need to provide systemic support, that’s the goal number one. We do Universal 3, we do Universal 5, that’s when you treat your nervous system and endocrine system.

Additionally, Dr. Anna is now recommending and you will find it really helpful, to add the points on your thyroid gland, that’s very important. Also, we add local treatments where the symptoms persist. What does it mean? For example, for about a week I couldn’t smell anything, so I would do my treatment with Delta, then it came back but still was sort of unpleasant. If you have, let’s say, hearing problems, tinnitus, then you would put Delta on your ear, again open the coMra therapy User guide, all the treatments are there. Just do the local treatments if you have this long Covid. 

Another point I wanted to mention here, remember that symptoms may fluctuate, it means like one day you feel fantastic, you want to run out and you go for a hike but then you come back home and you crash, so don’t rush. Take your time, the body needs care, support, take it gentle, it may take a while for the body to recover.

Co-operate Intelligently with Life

Which are the key messages, what did we actually learn during the past year with Covid, but also working with many clients, with patients here in Russia and from around the world? I think the main important question is that we need to learn how to co-operate intelligently with life – it means we don’t try to avoid, escape, hide from or force the challenge to go away. 

We actually apply our intelligence, we start to find out step by step what’s the nature of this challenge, once we have a measure of clarity – “Okay, I need to work on my health, then I need to cooperate with my body, I need to cooperate with my friends, with my relatives in order to start this process of building up.”, and that’s really the key message I feel.

Because Covid-19 they say it’s a pandemic, true, it is pandemic but what’s actually reflecting? Remember, the vast majority of people have it asymptomatic or a mild form of the disease. What Covid 19 has highlighted is what some scientists called “syndemic” meaning there is a pandemic of diabetes, a pandemic of hypertension, respondemic of cardiovascularity, all of these conditions.

So, at the end of the day what Covid 19 is actually highlighting is that even if you take a vaccine, even if it is a good vaccine, it will not take away your chronic diseases. Then, the next season comes, and there will be possibly another virus, maybe it’s a version of the coronavirus or a version of adenovirus, for example. There are no silver bullets, so to speak, to make the problem go away, no, it’s so much better when we cooperate with life, we learn and we become stronger, and that’s how we unfold our potential.

Invest in Your Health and Self-Sufficiency

The next message I feel is so important in this day and time, is to invest in our health and in our self-sufficiency. We said it a year ago and we repeat this message almost every webinar during the lockdown period. When our friends couldn’t get to the hospitals because the hospitals are completely overwhelmed, when our relatives are staying at home, I would call my aunt and I was looking if she needed help. I have a Delta, so I could help myself, I could help my family, I could help our clients who are facing this situation when they have to rely on themselves. It’s much better to actually invest in yourself because with every investment there is a benefit coming back.

 Do coMra Before, After and During Respiratory Infection

The next key message – remember, do coMra before, during and after a respiratory infection. We had several patients, clients who were very reluctant. There was one particular case, she’s a doctor, she works in the hospital but I can only imagine what kind of pressure they go through. Every day she walked in a Covid hospital, next day she would go back to the hospital and she would face that situation again. It’s very depressing, it’s hugely disheartening when you see this happening every day. She was doing coMra but sort of half-heartedly, only once per day and she had a longer course of Covid, when she got it. So, pay attention to your body, really pay attention, build up those functional reserves. 

Advanced Immune Intelligence is on Our Side

Remember, that’s sort of the most fun part, that we’re never alone, we’re never truly alone because on our side is the most advanced immune intelligence. It’s on our side because if you think of it, it takes only literally a couple days for our immune system to come up with a solution for a new virus. It takes a lot of time for a scientific community, typically years, to come up with a particular medication for that virus, for that bacteria. 

But for our immune system, it takes only hours, maybe days at most. So, on our side we have this enormous intelligence which we can cooperate with if we use our own intelligence, if we don’t deny the intelligence that we have. Everybody has it, we don’t have to have a Phd in medicine or in immunology, it’s really basic common sense stuff and it works, that’s the best part.

Thank you very much for your attention!

*This is a webinar transcript, you can watch the video recording HERE

Comments and Questions

Participant 1: Thank you so much for your presentation, Arzhan!

It’s a lot to absorb but it’s great, thank you. First of all, I want to thank you for the most inspirational webinar, that was absolutely fantastic. Secondly, I liked your very broad brush approach, especially when it came to looking at different aspects of health, not just the physical health which was wonderful. From that point of view I wondered if I could share something that I’ve been following as well, if that’s appropriate. I’ve been using my coMra on a regular basis, the protocols that you’ve suggested and fortunately I haven’t really come down with Covid, which has been very good but I’ve been using it preventatively and from the mental and emotional health point of view I include a daily meditation which was fantastic, in addition to coMra treatment. So, I thought I’d share that.

Arzhan: Lovely, thank you! Meditation is a fantastic tool, indeed.

Participant 2: Thank you for the presentation, I like it very much. One question came up for me because my parents will probably get a vaccine, so I thought that maybe it is good to advise them to do something like prevention against possible complications of the vaccination, something like Universal 3, what do you think?

Arzhan: Yes, with vaccines and it doesn’t matter actually which version of toxin. The funny thing is that even when you take a shot, your immune system still has to do the job of producing the antibodies. It is still some sort of an immune reaction. So, even with the usual vaccines, it is recommended that you prepare your body if you decide to take a vaccine. I would go for a full preventative treatment program. 

Participant 3: I just want to know what the difference is between the two coMra devices? There’s ultrasound I think on the one and not on the other, correct? And do you need to use the ultrasound for all those treatments that you were talking about?

Arzhan: Correct, the difference is with the ultrasound. So, the smaller device called coMra Palm doesn’t have the ultrasound, the Delta device has ultrasound and there are also different versions of the laser. But when it comes to the immune system, if we talk about just an infection, for example, the Palm does a fantastic job because the Palm works mostly through the liquid part, with the lymph, through the blood and all the radiances are absorbed by the liquid part of the body. 

So, this is why Palm is such a great tool to support the workings of our immune system, specifically if you have, let’s say, a chronic pre-existing condition like hypertension, you need to work on that. Also, if it happens that your Covid takes a more severe turn and you have inflammation, then you need to recover your lungs if you have pneumonia. If you have inflammation in your lungs, there are scars, so ultrasound speeds up regeneration of the tissue, it provides that little mechanical micro massage to speed up the regenerative process

Participant 3: It’s basically the same, the Palm is the same as the other one other than the ultrasound?

Arzhan: Yes, and the two different versions of the laser, the Palm has what we call a softer version 980nm, Delta comes with 905nm which is stronger, more intense coMra effect but also comes with 980nm too. For this difference, if you like considering which one I should get, I would suggest getting in touch with our chat team on the website. Have a chat with them because every situation is different, in terms of individual health. The simple way is to go in the chat on any of our websites, there is a small green chat button in the corner.

You can also watch the video recording of this webinar on our YouTube channel:

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