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Evolving self-sufficiency webinar


Garrett Murrin: And everybody welcome! We are at the top of the hour, I see we still have people coming in. Excuse me, so… I mean this is one of the beautiful “side effects” so speak, of what’s happening in the world right now — it’s bringing us all together. We have a mix today of home users and practitioners. And we’ll get into that a little more later. But this is really a beautiful mix, of course with coMra therapy, that we can all join in together. And… with that…

I want to hand the presentation over to Arzhan right now. Now Arzhan is our Director of Research and Development. So he’s got to do the main body of the presentation to go through. This COVID and the science, and these kinds of things and how they relate to coMra. And then… Anna, Dr Anna Klassen — she’s gonna go through some aspects of things with Arzhan. And then the meeting will come back to me, and I’ll go through some related aspects at the end, and then we’ll get to the Q&A.

So… Arzhan, would you please take over the meeting now? … And thank you very much!

Evolving self-sufficiency. Telemedicine with coMra therapy.


Arzhan Surazakov: Thank you, Garrett!

Good evening everyone! Okay, so let me start my slides…

So we live in a very interesting time, that’s for sure. We’ve prepared together with Anna… who is sitting next to me, Dr Anna Klassen, with Garrett and myself — presentation. We’ve tried to pack a lot of material. We’ve tried to squeeze it into two hours. Let’s see how it goes. When I look around what’s happening if I open… sometimes I open my notebook and look at the news – it looks like there is a whole bunch of things happening right now. So what is the nature of the current global crisis?

Yes, a replay will be available and all the links. When I refer to the articles when I have the links. It’s all will be available after the presentation. So today we will talk about — the main topic is evolving self-sufficiency. And specifically, how we can do this through telemedicine with coMra therapy. This is the main topic of our presentation today.

When I look around what’s happening, if I open… sometimes I open my notebook and look at the news – it looks like there is a whole bunch of things happening right now. So what is the nature of the current global crisis? I mean if we talk about not the waves, the ripples on the water, but what’s the undercurrent, why this all happening? And when thinking about it, now we see that is actually a crisis of self-sufficiency.

If we think about the coronavirus disease, we think about why people get infected, and then they get pneumonia and it transitions to a severe stage and possibly critical stage. That’s because our immune system is not self-sufficient . We talking about self-sufficiency as individuals, as families. Because we sit at home, and now we’re running out of food, for example. We talking about self-sufficiency as whole regions and as the whole countries actually, when the airplanes are not flying. The trains are not moving goods around. So it’s actually a crisis of self-sufficiency. When individually and as a whole, we have enough resources to sustain ourselves.

And what we referring to, is not like I am sitting in the bunker and have enough resources to last … outlast a nuclear war. It’s actually holistic self-sufficiency, meaning to be self-sufficient within the context of the greater whole. So when we saw this is happening … Actually, you know, the writing was on the wall. It was bound to happen. And during the last 10. 15, actually 20 years, in our group, at Radiant Life Technologies, what we’ve been working towards — building tools, technologies, our business and relationships towards self-sufficiency.

In other words, what we’ve been working on, is to find a way how “Help people help themselves”

That’s the definition of self-sufficiency and there are no shortcuts in this process, we need to start with ourselves. Our personal health, when I do say coMra treatments for myself, my children, my parents, for Anna, her parents. Then we extend this self-sufficiency to our clients, to Anna’s clients and her medical practice. And we extend it to our our friends, friends of friends, and then this self-sufficiency needs to go out and extend more and more and more.

So this is why we decided, rather than just, you know, writing a Facebook post or making a video, let us actually call everybody together and see what we can come up with. To extend that self-sufficiency, because actually, the need for holistic medical technology is the greatest. I would say, like never before.

The need in the device like coMra has been so great and this is happening today, right now, worldwide. I’ll go into details now. The bottom line is that the whole civilisation now needs tools for self-care at home.

This is just a short part of the whole presentation transcript. For more, you may see the video itself. There are also other parts of the presentation that were available to participants.

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