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What Can Cause Low Progesterone?


Reproductive hormones are very important for the life of a woman. In this article we will look closely at estrogen and progesterone and what can cause low levels of progesterone. Nowadays more and more women find themselves with symptoms of low progesterone from PMS to weight gain and infertility. Menopause is now happening earlier than before, sometimes women in their forties are going through a premature menopause due to the low levels of progesterone.

How does your body produce reproductive hormones?

While progesterone is mainly produced by the ovaries, except there estrogen can be produced also in the corpus luteum and some organs like the liver, heart and even the fat cells under the skin. The main cause for low progesterone is estrogen dominance. So, when we talk about progesterone deficiency, we need to understand why the levels of estrogen become too high. 

Do you live a stressful life?

So, here is the truth about hormonal imbalance in women – stress. The main stress hormone called cortisol leads to the increased production of estrogen. It suppresses the thyroid hormones and the high levels of estrogen will increase the production of cortisol. Looks like a vicious circle? Well, it is. That is the reason why so many women find it extremely hard to balance their hormones back once the imbalance is already there. 

Is there hidden stress in your life?

We all know how hard it is these days – career, children, projects etc. But where is your stress actually hiding? Well, there are some factors that might cause stress in your mind and body. Ask yourself several questions and if the answer is yes, then your body experiences more stress than you know. Do you often find yourself reacting with the fight, flight or freeze mode? Do you have troubles sleeping at night? Do you eat processed food full of artificial ingredients? Have you recently gained weight in the form of belly fat? Do you spend a lot of time on social networks causing your brain to process tons of information? Do you find yourself competing all the time at work or in your personal life? In fact, all of these doings are causing your mind to experience stress which you see then manifesting in your body as inflammation, pain and hormonal imbalances. 

Can I increase my progesterone naturally?

Firstly, you need to observe yourself and to manage your perception in life and how you react to everyday situations. This is the step towards living a less stressful life. However, there is more to it – find time to rest, to unwind and to relax. You can start a yoga or meditation course, listen to calm music or walk in nature, whatever is your thing to lessen the stress. On the other hand, you need to support your body and especially your adrenal glands, the liver and the ovaries. A great tool to do this is low level laser therapy. This method called coMra can be applied on each of these organs daily for several minutes without any negative side effects. The laser supplies your cells with additional energy which can be used for regeneration and healing. It is very effective as you can see if you do your own research on the subject, so why not give it a try. I found it extremely helpful when I was treating my thyroid and managed to take the condition to remission. 

Is your mind tricking you into feeling stressed? 

Well, there is a deeper level than is equally important, actually it is the root cause of stress, depression, anxiety and all kinds of disorders. Namely, that is your mind and how it tricks you to think that your mind is you. But is that true? Who are you? Are you your mind only? Or your body? Or your soul? Each of these is part of you, but who are you? This is a question that might take a lifetime to answer but there is a part of you that is behind all that, your inner true being. If you manage to stop the total identification with your mind, then you can experience the inner peace. As the inner peace is very natural to us, you can experience it while creating a painting, dancing, meditating, watching the sunset… Basically, anything that helps you to stop the thinking process and just be. All the stress is produced in the mind as a resistance to life as it is. 

Estrogen dominance is linked to many diseases

The thing is that estrogen is very easily produced by the body but is hard to eliminate when the levels are too high. On top of that, phytoestrogens enter the body through plant-based food and synthetic estrogen can enter with farmed meat like chicken, pork and even fish. Some herbs can increase the estrogen but another main factor is the plastic as a source of xenoestrogens. As you can see, all of this can become a significant amount of estrogen hormones coming from the outside. The pressure on the liver increases while it is the organ responsible for the elimination of the excessive hormones. 

So, here is a tip – when you apply your coMra protocol, leave the device for ten minutes on the liver 5Hz to support its work. Restoring the hormonal balance in your body can take some time but the most important part is that every experience will teach you something new. There is a new knowledge waiting for you, it will bring change and more understanding in your life. If you have any questions, we are here for you, coMra is our mission to bring more health and balance in the people’s lives.

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