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What Causes Anxiety and What Is the Natural Solution


Sometimes people are worried as there always are some problems or challenges in life. But anxiety is something else, it is like a constant numb pain in your emotional being and it refuses to go away easily. When people get anxiety attack it may come with difficulties to breathe, feeling of fear, crying, brain frog, extreme fatigue, apathy and emotional imbalance. The symptoms could vary a lot and could last for hours. Although, you might not consider anxiety as a disease, it could become a serious condition that many people struggle with. The roots of anxiety start in the mind and the emotions but the physical body suffers too. The triggers for the anxiety could vary from a person to another, we are all unique personalities, but let us go through some major anxiety causes as it might be useful for your to find your own reasons.

Adrenal Glands Health

All the changes in the emotional state will reach the body at some point and they will affect the hormonal balance. When the stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol are continuously produced, the endocrine system suffers and the production of other major hormones would be interrupted. The adrenal fatigue is a condition with symptoms like fatigue, difficulties to concentrate, insonmia, emotional breakdowns, depression and anxiety. There is a natural approach to address it without medications. You can apply coMra therapy daily for several weeks in order to support the work of the adrenal glands. The Universal Treatment 5 is recommended in order to effectively heal the nervous system and to give some extra energy to the body. The coMra therapy is a gentle and non-invasive way to heal different conditions and diseases. In order to keep your adrenal glands healthy, you need to avoid extreme emotions and to find your way to reach relaxation through breathing, moving and joyful activities.

Stressful daily routine

If you spend too much time in from of screens, do not eat rich in nutrients diet, if you tend to think too much about the past or the future, if you work with a lot of deadlines and the work piles up every day, if you tend to multitask…then there is a possibility all of that to cause anxiety at some point of your life. Too much information and worrying about thousand things at the same time will overload your nervous system. If your daily routine is creating stress in your life and you do not have time to rest, your adrenal glands will suffer but also your thoughts and emotions will go out of balance. The way you think and perceive life is very important when we speak about anxiety.


If on the top of all that, you like to have a daily boost of energy with the help of coffee, lots of sugar and other stimulants, then you are depleting your brain from hormones like serotonin and dopamine. Be careful to not enter the cycle of feeling very tired in the morning, drinking tons of coffee during the day and not being able to get quality sleep in the night. If your brain and nervous system are overstimulated, this could become a cause of anxiety. Some herbs and fat burners could also act as stimulants, so you really need to find the balance between being very energetic and your moments of relaxation. If you have problems with sleeping, you can apply a coMra Universal treatment 5 or 7 before going to bed as this will help your nervous system to calm down.

Additives in the food and toxins

When we talk about stimulants that affect the nervous system, we need to mention all the chemicals that are added to the food we eat every day. Even if you do not eat processed food, you can intake a lot of harmful chemicals with the fruits and vegetables too. Be careful with the source of the food you consume and try to avoid heavy metals in any case. The toxic environment could become a cause of anxiety as many household cleaning products contain very aggressive chemicals. So, try to clean your environment and your food while checking if there is any improvement. In the coMra user guide, find the best treatment to support the work of your major organs like the liver, kidneys and the spleen as they are the ones detoxifying your body constantly.