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What is the Main Cause of Insulin Resistance?


These days, when refined sugar is in almost every packaged food on the market, more and more people become sugar sensitive, or in other words they develop insulin resistance. Insulin is the hormone produced by the pancreas in order to regulate the blood sugar levels and to make the cells use the glucose as fuel. However, due to some factors, the cells would not respond to the insulin and they “refuse” to use the glucose coming to them. This blood sugar then will keep circulating in the body, so the levels will stay high causing symptoms like headaches, increased heart beat and could have serious long term effects on the overall health.

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What is the obvious cause of insulin resistance?

A diet with too many calories in each meal, with lots of sweets and carbohydrates would cause insulin spikes throughout the day. The obvious cause for insulin resistance is obesity, inactive lifestyle, too much processed and junk food, soft drinks with too much sugar and eating a lot of sugar in any form, even not the obvious one like pasta, white rice, potatoes, etc. Each meal will cause insulin to rise in order for all these calories to be used by the cells. However, some foods will cause insulin spikes and some will cause a continuous insulin rise keeping it in moderate range. Above all, do not to forget that your brain and your liver need carbs in order to function, the consumption of carbohydrates is not the real cause of insulin resistance.

What is the main cause of insulin resistance though?

If we look under the face value though, the main cause is now proved to be stress. High levels of stress will disrupt the hormonal balance in the body and can lead to insulin resistance. There is a connection between stress and the “refusal” of the cells to use all that glucose. The “fast” calories coming from a candy, for example, have to be used very quickly by the cells and if we are not exercising in order to burn these calories, they in fact will “burn” the cell itself, causing oxidative stress, cell death and lots of free radicals. At one point, the cell will refuse to use this excess fuel anymore in order to preserve its own health. 

This whole process has to be taken in awareness, especially if you are an emotional eater. A lot of people like to relax themselves by eating food, and it is not a surprise that they usually choose sweets. So we have stress, emotional imbalance and the habit of eating a lot of sweets like cakes, chocolates, soft drinks, candies and so on. And there is more, the word “resistance” is the key. When you resist something in your life, this causes high levels of stress. The constant inner conflict, resistance to the process of life and negative thinking will at one point affect your physical health. This all looks like a vicious circle and it has to be broken, otherwise insulin resistance can become diabetes when the pancreas cannot keep up and stops the insulin production.

A holistic way how to deal with insulin resistance

First of all, if you suffer from this condition and you are aware that your body is sending you a message that you need to change something, then it is time to take the responsibility for your own health. Change your diet, include exercising and activities, work on your inner response to life and stressful situations. Related to the physical body – your liver, pancreas and other organs you will need to turn towards non-invasive therapies without aggressive medications, you do not want to get addicted to medications which make you feel good but destroy your liver or kidneys. Cold laser therapy is very effective when treating the liver, the pancreas and endocrine disorders. The coMra cold laser devices are even more powerful but still gentle to your cells, as they use not only an infrared laser but also magnets and light diodes. 

Hundreds of case studies have proved great results on conditions like insulin resistance and diabetes. However, the earlier you address the cause, the better. Good news is that you can apply it on your own at home, without going to a medical center and you can combine cold laser therapy with yoga, walks in nature, massage therapy, art classes or anything that makes you feel good. When you take the responsibility for your health back in your hands and have your own strategy on how to enjoy life more rather than resisting it, then it will all come to its place.

To start using coMra, first search your health issue in the coMra User Guide. If you can find it, start applying the relevant to it treatment protocol. If you do not find it, start with coMra Universal 3 and coMra Universal 5 protocols. If you have questions and need support by an expert, please contact us.

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