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What Does It Mean To Be Healthy?


All the time we use the word “health” but what does it really mean to be a healthy person? Do you have a reference of what does it mean to you? Can you remember the last time when you knew for sure how it feels when you are healthy? We all can recognize with ease the pain, the disturbance, the fatigue, the disease but can you easily notice when you are healthy? You need to be clear what does health mean if that is your intention, especially if you need to heal and to restore your healthy state.

The perception of well-being

In order to understand deeply what does health mean, we need to dive into the concept of well-being. You need a reference of what does well-being and health mean to you. And when you find that reference to look closely at it and ask yourself if there is an option for more. Because, in life, there is always an opportunity for more well-being and for more good things to come in your way. However, it is your perception that leads everything after it – your thoughts, your emotions, your physical health… Your beliefs, your automatic reactions, your inner dialogue will alter your perception. So, the question again is the same – what does health mean to you?


When all your aspects of being like emotional, mental, physical and spiritual are in sync, then your are healthy. In coMra therapy, we call this state of inner harmony with your inner being – coherence. Your body is a well-organized system made of numerous smaller parts which work together. Each small cell is in coherence with the whole body when you are healthy. The dis-ease is a condition that occurs when some cells or organs are out of sync. They are now not a part of that mutual coherence which organizes the processes in the body. There is an intelligence in your body that regulates everything that happens in that closed system. And this intelligence is connected with the powerful force that we call Life.

coMra therapy

When you work with body intelligence and not against it, health is the result. If you are able to hear the needs of your body and your cells, you will know how to support them. So, what does sit between your body and the state of health? Everything that affects the body can alter its overall health – your thoughts, your emotions, your food, your lifestyle, your perception and beliefs, different chemicals and the environment around you. With coMra therapy, your cells receive the needed information, energy and environment for their healing. In that way, coMra is a way for awakening and supporting the intelligence of the body. It helps with creating back the coherence and the cells are now aligned to work with the whole system. That is the reason why coMra therapy is so effective in various cases – from acute pain to chronic diseases. It gently helps the body to restore and maintain the inner coherence and the result is a healthy and energetic state.