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What Might Cause Chronic Fatigue


People during the last several decades are more tired and stressed than ever before. It is a tendency these days people from different age groups to experience symptoms like physical weakness, inability to concentrate, headaches, pain and even nausea. Some symptoms seem to appear without a particular reason and they often last for a long period of time without any improvement. Actually, some time ago doctors did not even consider chronic fatigue as an actual health condition and had been advising the patients to just rest more. However, with the years it turns out that this might be a serious issue linked to some diseases and chronic conditions.

Fatigue or chronic fatigue?

Many people are in transition periods just before a disease is formed or in the period of recovery after a health issue. In some cases, the symptoms or blood test results will not show what is actually going on in the body. However, fine changes in the hormonal balance, enzymes levels, oxidizing processes, the immune and emotional integrity could cause short periods of fatigue. These moments come and go without a particular reason and you may experience some physical or mental exhaustion which will last for a day or two. However, if you feel exhausted for months without any improvement, then it might be chronic fatigue.

Home laser therapy for chronic fatigue

The cause of chronic fatigue is a complex thing and can be linked to various conditions. Whatever the reason for your tiredness is, there is a non-invasive solution – cold laser therapy. All the causes of chronic fatigue and the health conditions linked to it could be effectively addressed and treated with coMra therapy. The main part of the device is a cold laser which in a very gentle way supports the healing of numerous conditions and diseases by enhancing the energy balance in each cell. Additionally, coMra combines the laser with magnets and LEDs to create a coherent field which provides even more energy for the cells to be used for recovery and healing. The device is called coMra Palm, it is totally safe, suitable for everybody and easy to operate with. You can treat various conditions with coMra and to experience great results which will last. In the User guide lots of treatment protocols are designed which to be applied as a part of the healing process or as a prevention procedure.

Here are some of the possible causes of chronic fatigue:

A virus infection. There are so many viruses and bacteria all around us. All the time they try to break into our body and the immune system has to recognize them and fight back the malicious ones. There are cases of virus infection which occur without other obvious symptoms despite the chronic fatigue. Some stubborn viruses stay latent in the body and got activated from time to time. The immune system then is alarmed to search for the virus in the body and to attack the cells that are affected. Very often, this leads to disturbed hormonal balance and autoimmune conditions.

Immune deficiency. If you suffer from chronic fatigue, it might be a sign that your immune system is not working properly. Research shows that in case of immune deficiency, there is a low activity of the white blood cells which are responsible for the killing of invaders from the outside like viruses and bacteria. Autoimmune diseases can also cause chronic fatigue as the immune system is alarmed all the time and very often there are several inflammatory processes going on.

Depression. Some changes in the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain are linked to depression and can cause fatigue. Usually, there are also sleep issues and increased sensitivity to various triggers as a result of the depression. Today, more researches show the connection between depression and gut health, so it is very important to address the issues in the microbiome and the health of the gut.

Poor diet and digestive issues. Stress and other factors may cause the formation of too many free radicals in the body which are very harmful for the cells. The reason they are formed is rooted in a poor diet with not enough vitamins, minerals and fibre. If you have digestive issues, the absorption of the substances is disturbed and the cells eventually are hungry. Leaky gut syndrome, colitis, constipation etc. are some of the problems linked to chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety attacks.

Liver problems. If the liver is affected, the toxins cannot be eliminated from the bloodstream and they keep circulating in the body. A diet rich in sugar or alcohol can cause fatty liver and that can lead to hormonal imbalance and slow metabolism. All the hormonal imbalances show that there is a problem in the functioning of the liver and chronic fatigue is usually one of the most common symptoms.

Adrenal deficiency. Chronic fatigue is a sign that the adrenals are exhausted or overstimulated. The malfunction of the adrenals affects the whole body. The adrenal fatigue is an alarming sign of a total physical and emotional burnout. When you experience it, your adrenals are tired due to the constant stress and production of cortisol which disrupts the normal cycles of sleep and activity. The thyroid gland is also affected and you are not able to sleep during the night but you feel dizzy during the day. It feels like a constant jet lag because the levels of cortisol are unstable and unpredictable.

Supporting Hormonal Balance with coMra Therapy

Which health conditions are linked to chronic fatigue?

Every day your energy levels are different depending on your physical activity, food intake, emotional balance and more. Sometimes, you can feel tired for various reasons but usually after some good rest and several hours of deep sleep, everything is back to normal. Except when the tiredness is there for months. There are many conditions linked to chronic or adrenal fatigue and together with other symptoms it is a sign for a serious disease going on unnoticed.

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Fatigue with weight loss

If fatigue occurs as a result of fasting, detoxifying program or after a stressful period, then it is just your body adjusting to the process of cleansing. The flushing of toxins out of the body can cause headaches, fatigue and even nausea. However, these symptoms will disappear very quickly and everything will soon be back in the normal ranges. On the other hand, if your chronic fatigue lasts for months then it could be a sign for endocrine imbalance or digestive issues due to problems with the intestines, liver or stomach. It could be a result of an autoimmune condition, parasites, prolonged inflammation and even tumours. Start applying the coMra Universal treatments protocols to support your body even if you do not have the exact diagnosis. Then find your condition in the coMra User Guide and follow the instructions of the particular treatment for your specific condition.

Pale skin, low blood pressure and chronic fatigue

These three symptoms combined can be a sign that you have anemia and the cause of it is often very complex as there are parts rooted in the physics and some in the emotions. In the article about the mindset behind anemia you can find more information on the possible thoughts or emotions linked to your condition. Low blood pressure also shows that your emotional balance is disturbed and your body suffers from that. Start applying coMra treatment protocols designed for anemia and low blood pressure like Universal treatment 3- Blood from the User Guide.

Thirst and too much urinating

If you are thirsty all the time and urinate too much, you need to test your blood sugar levels as this can be a sign for a pre-diabetic condition, insulin resistance or diabetes. Another possible reason is kidney problems. In the coMra User Guide there are specific treatment protocols both for diabetes and kidney issues.

Chronic fatigue with digestive issues

If you feel bloated, have bad taste in the mouth, constipation, diarrhea or a heavy feeling in the abdominal area and all of that combined with chronic fatigue, you need to heal your digestive system. The condition of your intestines and colon will affect the health of the whole body as all the nutrients are absorbed there. Your emotional state and thinking patterns are of great importance for the health of the digestive system and the gut brain. Therefore, you can also treat and support the nervous system with coMra Universal treatments 5 and 7 which will enhance your overall health and well-being. The Gastroenterology section of the User guide consists of various treatment protocols for the digestive system

Heart conditions and chronic fatigue

Heart disease is one of the most common conditions linked to chronic fatigue together with symptoms like irregular heartbeat, arrhythmia, shortness of breath, pain or heaviness in the heart. So, if you experience some of these symptoms, you need to check your body for cardiovascular problems. In coMra therapy, there are gentle and effective treatment protocols to support the health of the heart and to enhance the healing process. In the coMra User Guide, you will find all the details on how to apply the Universal Treatment 2 – Heart on your own.

Mental and emotional issues

Conditions such as depression and anxiety often are experienced together with lack of sleep, chronic fatigue, emotional instability, irritability, lack of desire to live etc. It is normal to feel tired after a challenging period with a lot of stress and overwhelming emotions, however you need to look closely at it if you cannot get up for days and have the desire to only stay in bed and do nothing. From the coMra therapy protocols, you can apply Universal Treatments 5 and 7 which will support and heal your nervous system. Of course, a great deal of inner work is required to address the emotional and mental reasons for your condition.

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