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The Mindset Behind It: Back Pain


What are the real reasons behind the pain in the back? Which emotions and thoughts are causing the spine and the bone structure of the body to suffer and how to change them in order to become stronger and more energetic? What does the spine and the back represents in our life?

We call forth disease, or more precisely, dis-ease, when a lack of knowledge throws an area in our lives out of balance. The result of this imbalance first manifests within us as a dis-ease at a psychological level, but unless this is remedied, it will eventually also manifest as a physical disease.

“Health and Holism in the 21st Century” by Théun Mares

The spine is the ultimate support of the body, it is the structure that lets it stand upright, walking, running and doing all kinds of movements. The spine is also the place where new cells are born, the red blood cells and the stem cells that could save the body in cases of disease. The spine, the back and the bones are linked to the feelings of support, emotional balance and activity. When a person feels that there is a lack of support in his life or emotional strength, the pain will be respectively in the lower pain or upper back. If the feeling is that you are stuck and you don’t feel any motivation to take action, the problems usually occur in the middle back.

The emotions are the messages that the body is trying to send out for you to understand that some hidden beliefs and thoughts are actually hurting yourself. If you don’t pay attention to them or you just don’t realize that you have embraced a particular belief for a long time ago, the imbalance will reach the physical level and will manifest as a disease or some kind of a painful condition. Each little pain in the body is showing us that something beyond our understanding is happening inside. So, the main subject when back pain occurs is the support and the respect that we have for ourselves and the others. And support is coming from outside but also from the inside, from the people but also from life.

Diseases and their cause: Lumbago
Upper back – Lack of strength.
Middle back – Lack of action.
Lower back – Lack of support.

“Health and Holism in the 21st Century” by Théun Mares

The problems of the lower back may be connected for example with the financial support and not enough money for someone to feel relaxed and calm. The middle back pain could be linked to a constant feeling of guilt and a lack of action. For example a person is looking towards the past and is not taking actions in the present, emotions and an attitude saying “leave me alone”. The upper back is the place of emotional strength and inner balance, when people feel overwhelmed they usually round their shoulders like they are carrying a very heavy burden, not being able to get rid off. It is very important to respect the time for work and for rest, to take care of yourself, to stand for your health and to make choices that empower you.

So, every time when you feel that your back hurts, ask yourself what do you really need and if you give yourself the space to receive it. Do you allow yourself to feel respected, supported and loved? Are you trying to do everything on your own never asking for support from other people? Are you restricting yourself from actions because of the guilt you feel about your past? Maybe it is time to you to take back the responsibility for your own health with the help of coMra therapy, to start nurturing yourself with care, love and respect until you find the place of harmony and balance. When you let go of the past, of the emotional pain that you carry around, when you forgive and start taking actions, then you will be able to walk through life with strength and you will see the support coming from everywhere.

Have joyful moments and stay healthy!

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