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Why coMra is a Different Cold Laser Therapy


The low level intensity lasers are getting more and more popular these days as they provide very good health results. The treatments are pain-free and drug-free, highly effective and have many benefits for your health. However, not all of the devices on the market are the same as the laser’s intensity varies which creates a different approach to the healing process. Although, coMra is in general a cold laser therapy, it is so much more as it combines the power of the laser with several magnets and some colourful light diodes. How all of this enhances the effectiveness of the therapy?

Body intelligence

The holistic approach in coMra therapy supports the knowledge that the human body has its own intelligence. It is completely capable of healing itself, of regeneration and rejuvenation. The problem which causes diseases and various health issues is the lack of resources. When the body is depleted, it cannot heal. There are many processes in the cells, the organs and the systems and all of them require energy. Even the thinking process and the emotional state affect the energy levels, as a matter of fact, the brain is the main energy consumer in the body. So, the body start prioritizing and cutting off energy from some processes and organs. For example, if you are under stress for a long time, cortisol becomes a priority and the production of reproductive hormones is minimized. The main goal of coMra is to support the natural healing abilities of the body without disturbing its balance in any way. It is a very gentle way to provide some additional energy in the form of photons and magnetic field which the body can use immediately for healing the most urgent health problems.

Totally safe

The core benefit of coMra therapy is that it is safe, gentle and non-invasive. The laser is precisely modulated in order to perform safely depending on your specific condition. The approach is to make it as gentle as possible without trying to increase the intensity and make it stronger. After many years of research, we observed that the more gentle is the laser, the better and quicker is the positive impact on the body. That is why you can choose the intensity of the laser very easily before starting the treatment. For example, the 5Hz option is for treating the inner organs while the 1000Hz one is to use for skin issues. In our coMra User Guide, we have gathered many predesigned treatments protocols with all the details about which intensity of the laser to use, points on the body and treating time.


The next benefit for your health is that coMtra therapy is very effective and could be used for many different conditions, diseases, pain relief and prevention. The main reason for this is the coherent work of the laser combined with magnets and colorful LEDs. All of these parts of a coMra Palm were gathered and modulated in a way that they literally create a harmonious healing wave. When this coherent combination reaches the body, the cells are gathering it and turn it into energy which is used for healing and regeneration. The focus in coMra is on the balanced and synergetic effect from the LEDs, cold laser and the magnets. Very quickly it awakens the inner natural abilities of the body to heal itself. The immediate results could be observed if you use coMra as pain relief. If you treat chronic diseases it will need some time which is proportional to the time it took for your body to develop this chronic condition. However, in several days or weeks you will see and feel the difference.

*If you have any questions or cannot find your condition in the coMra User Guide, please write to us at info[at] and we will provide all the needed information to support your healing journey.