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Why Sugar Is Not Good For Your Health


Sugar is a natural product, in fruits and even in sugar cane it is mixed with water, minerals, enzymes and vitamins. When humans started to boil the sugar cane syrup, they received a highly concentrated product. After some more procedures to make it white and crystal, it became the refined sugar we all know. Nowadays, you can find refined sugar in almost every possible packaged or processed food from ketchup to candies and soft drinks. The problem with sugar is that people are consuming thirty times more sugar than before when they counted on fruits only to get the sweet taste. But is the human body designed to cope with these amounts of sugar entering the bloodstream every day?


The key hormone responsible for the regulation of the high blood sugar levels, is insulin. After a meal consisting of too much sugar or other “fast” carbohydrates like bread, pasta, white rice, your body has to deal with too much “fuel” entering the system. Although, it needs glucose as an energy source, too much of it for a short period of time is very dangerous. So, here comes the insulin – the lifeguard hormone, it helps the cells to open up and to use the glucose and also to eliminate the additional quantity outside of the body.

Insulin resistance

A diet full of sugar in the form of sweets, soft drinks and many other carbohydrates will cause insulin spikes from five to thirty times per day. At one point, the cells will not be willing to open up for the glucose entering the bloodstream. Usually, this is combined with high levels of stress and cortisol and insulin are reaching the cells regularly. This creates a pattern and the body literally starts to resist the glucose. This process is called insulin resistance and is a pre-diabetic condition.For the body, the high levels of blood sugar is like burning a huge fire from paper – it burns out very quickly but the energy cannot be used properly.

That is why, the cells in your body prefer foods that take more time to be digested as the “fuel” in that case will arrive in small portions and the levels of blood sugar will be stable. Such sources are all of the whole foods like beans, grains, fish, vegetables etc. Shortly, you need to eat foods with low glycemic index in order to keep your blood sugar levels stable. There is a coMra treatment protocol which is very effective in cases of diabetes and insulin resistance. All the protocols could be found in the coMra User Guide available for downloading.

The damaged cells and cancer

So, if you burn paper all the time in order to warm the house, you will end up with a huge amount of ash. Something similar happens inside your body when you eat sugar on a regular basis. Many cells are damaged, burned out, full of toxins and free radicals. Can you imagine each cell as a separate being trying to survive? If all of your billions of cells are working in harmony, we call this a healthy condition.

But what if some of your cells decide that they do not want to work for the good of the whole anymore? They do not have the connection with the intelligence of the body anymore, they group themselves, divide and grow totally out of balance. This condition is known as cancer. Some organs are attacked by these “independent” cells which are feeding on the energy of the body but not working for its best. Now, guess what will happen with all of these additional quantities of sugar coming into the body? Have you heard that sugar feeds cancer cells? Well, it turns out that this is closer to the truth than it sounds. Applying coMra Therapy and eliminating refined sugar from your diet while replacing it with whole fruits is a great way to support your own health and well-being.

*If you cannot find your condition in the coMra User Guide, please write to us at and we will provide all the needed information to support your healing journey.