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Your Body Never Lies, Just Listen

Why in the same circumstances some people get ill and others are absolutely fine? Like when there is a flu epidemic each winter and so many people get sick at the same time. The popular answer is that some people have a stronger immune system but what is the cause for this? Have you noticed how your body feels when you are angry or sad, or depressed? All the body signs, symptoms and diseases are the way your body is sending you a message. And you need to pay attention in order to get it right.

Negative emotions

The emotions are a product of your perception and they affect your body in many ways. For example, you have too many tasks at work, what your perception of that situation will be? Do you find it stressful, overwhelming or stimulating? What emotions will take over if you are in such a situation? What will be your thoughts going each morning to work? Your perception will turn into emotions which can make you sick or motivated, energized or exhausted. Negative emotions are the root cause of the diseases and the serious health conditions but it takes time to manifest as such.

Your body never lies

If you feel depressed day after day, soon you will find physical symptoms in your body. The negative emotional state can affect different organs depending on the thoughts you think regularly. You may have not even noticed the thinking pattern that makes you ill. For example, you have such repeating thoughts every day that makes you feel guilty. Guilt is a very destroying emotion, it can affect your heart, digestive system, cardiovascular system or can cause autoimmune diseases. All of these are the result of how you feel daily. Your body is sending you a message that there is a thought pattern which is hurting you again and again.

Support your body with coMra

The coMra therapy is a very gentle way to induce the healing in your cells awakening them and helping them to align with your intention for health. With the information and energy that coMra will provide to your cells, they will start the recovery process. However, coMra therapy is a holistic approach to health and it will support your health as a whole. As your body is starting to have more energy and the healing process begins, you need to look at how the disease appeared in the first place. What is the message that this condition is bringing to you? If there is a negative thought that is hurting you, have you noticed it and it is really true? Can you work with your negative patterns in order to eliminate the root of the disease? If you decide to choose a life-supporting method as coMra therapy, you actually support the coherence between your body, emotions and thoughts. But even more important is that you will be taken on a journey to heal yourself on a deeper level.