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Healing Journey: physical and beyond


The key ingredients for reaching well-being, empowerment and self-sufficiency.

Garrett Murrin: Welcome everybody! I hope everyone is doing well out there! We are at the top of the hour, so we gonna begin this webinar.

Today… first of all I want to thank you all for joining! Here is my lovely wife Avril, she is looking after the logistics here next to me. So Avril and I are hosting this meeting today, and… There is also a number of people from RLT – Radiant Life Technologies, who are in the meeting as well.

And we all work together with respect to coMra therapy. Why we say the physical and beyond? It is because once we move past strictly the physical we get into an area, which is about self-sufficiency. When I use the words self-sufficiency, what I mean is this analogy: “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day” and “If you teach a man to fish, he can feed himself for a lifetime”.

The Steps of Your Healing Journey - Exploring the physical and beyond

And the other thing I want you to take away, this is really a chance for you to catch yourself doing something right. What I mean by that is we all doing things right in our lives.

But sometimes we get them right and not sure how we get them right. But when we catch ourselves doing something right we are in a much better position to be able to do that with more purpose, more consciousness, more deliberately.

So instead of “Hah, I want to know how I’ve got that right” — “Oh, I know how I’ve got the right, let me do that again because that really works for me” So this is what we mean by self-sufficiency, and then … We gonna go through, actually let me try this one for one second.

I am gonna stop sharing the screen and my screen comes up. So with that self-sufficiency, the other thing we wanted to do… You know we are going through the trying times right now, with the situation we’re in. We hope that it will uplift and inspire you as well, because when it comes to journey.

It takes us into the places beyond, we start from a certain point then move on. With that let’s get into the meeting. Let me start sharing again. So what we gonna do, we gonna go through this coMra journey. And we gonna use some real-life examples. And this is all about self-sufficiency.

Putting yourself into the picture, and one thing I wanted to add when it comes to Radiant Life Technologies, just understand, and I think this one is really special, that is why I want to mention it. We did not start with a product or device and then and then create a vision from there. We are actually a group of people who came together with the vision, and that vision is to “Help people to help themselves” Specifically with respect to self-sufficiency. And from that vision, this is where coMra therapy, this where it came from and this is why we want to share this with you today. And like I said, hopefully, this will inspire you. And without further ado let’s go into the first video.

coMra Journey -- a personal way to well-being

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