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Trigeminal neuralgia is one of the most painful and difficult to treat conditions. The common treatment approaches focus on blocking the pain – chemically and/or surgically. Such approaches do offer relief from pain, even though their effects wane with time. The core issue which is the damage of the nerve cells remains unaddressed and the pain comes back soon after.


– Dr Arzhan Surazakov PhD, Director of R&D, Radiant Life Technologies

– Dr Anna Surazakova MD, CEO and Medical Director, coMra centre for restorative medicine, Technologia Zhizni, Altai, Russia

– Leslie Carmen, Founder and Clinical Director, Carmen Care Advanced Laser Therapy, Florida, U.S.A.

With coMra therapy we aim to rebuild the damaged nerve cells from within. Various non-invasive low-intensity radiances have already been shown to provide significant benefits for neurological conditions including trigeminal neuralgia. In coMra therapy laser, magnetic field, ultrasound and colour are coherently combined to create a synergetic regenerative effect on depleted, damaged “misfiring” nerve cells.

In our coMra treatment centres we have treated patients with a wide variety of neurological conditions, including trigeminal neuralgia. From our clinical experience we learned: 

– What can we expect when treating recently diagnosed trigeminal neuralgia

– What can we expect when treating chronic trigeminal neuralgia

– What are the best practices to treat trigeminal neuralgia using coMra therapy

– How to combine coMra protocols for trigeminal neuralgia together with other common conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraine, etc and in combination with other methods of treatments

Here is the recording of the two-part Webinar where you can find lots of information, case studies and research results of the holistic approach to Trigeminal neuralgia and other neurological conditions.

Treating trigeminal neuralgia, Part 1. Causes and clinical experience
Treating trigeminal neuralgia, Part 2. Clinical experience and practical protocols
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